I just couldn't resist these Pokemon Converse


One thing that has been a constant love of mine throughout the years and that is Pokemon. The franchise is just one that I have never been able to stray away from and even at almost 28 year old I am still buying and playing the games whilst also getting tempted by other items they bring out. 

I remember growing up I had to have everything Pokemon as I just loved it that much, when I was in primary school if we had to dress up the fancy dress I opted to be Pikachu for so many years, in fact I definitely out grew the costume but continued wearing it as it was my favourite. Even my skateboard was a Pokemon one with Pikachu underneath the deck and the helmet & knee pads matched that. 

As soon as I saw that Converse were bringing out a collaboration with Pokemon I knew I would be buying at least 1 item from the collection and honestly the collection didn't disappoint. It was quite hard to narrow down which pair I wanted but in the end I knew I didn't need more than one pair plus I didn't need any clothing at the time so in the end I just opted for the one pair which of course had to be the classic black converse with some of my favourite characters from the game on the sneaker. 

I honestly just thought that the sneaker would have a few characters on them and that would be it but I was definitely wrong with both sneakers having the 4 classic characters, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle on the outer and then having Meowth on the inside of the left sneaker and Jigglypuff on the inside of the right sneaker they are brilliant as the characters are the perfect size for each sneaker and don't look too clustered together which could have easily happened. 

the detail doesn't stop with the characters though as the Converse patch has been transformed to look more like a Pokeball and they have done a great job of making it look like one and keeping the theme in the sneaker well. Even the top eyelets on the sneakers are made to look like Pokeball so that Pokemon detail is flowing throughout the sneaker and no part of the sneaker is left out.

Even the heel detail has the little bit of Pokemon thrown into it with the lightening bolt in the middle of the All Star. Sometimes it is the little details that stand out the most on a sneaker and honestly this part and the eyelets really stood out at me when I first unboxed them but those characters look amazing and vibrant on the sneakers and I am glad they kept it with the classic characters rather than going towards the newer generation ones. 

I am really looking forward to wearing these Converse more often and they will probably be teamed up with some nice simple black outfits however, I have been searching Zavvi a fair few times lately and have seen some great Pokemon t-shirts that would look great with these sneakers, maybe I might have to treat myself to some of these and try make the perfect outfit with them. 

How would you style these Pokemon Converse?

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