6 months into the year how is the fitness journey going?

 How are we already so far into 2022? I really feel like we should still only be around the March mark but this year just seems to be racing away from me, I feel like all the plans I had at the start of the year just haven't worked out due to a lack of time however, one thing is going pretty well so far and that is my fitness journey. I am glad that this part of the plan for the year is going so well as this was my main goal, lose some weight and finally improve my fitness levels, if this area of life is progressing everything else can keep plodding along in the background. 

To be honest I didn't think my journey would actually be going so well this year as even a clear plan in mind things were derailed a bit when in January I was told I needed an operation, I knew this would possibly set me back a bit and honestly I stopped working out for a bit and started binge eating due to nerves surrounding the procedure but I didn't let it get me down for too long and I was making some good progress before I finally had my operation in March. 

I knew that I wouldn't be able to do much for a while after my surgery but I didn't let it stop me, I was stuck in bed for a week due to the pain but I tried my best to keep on track with my eating and that honestly helped so much so I didn't regress during my surgery recovery. When I had my check up with my doctor after 4 weeks the first thing I asked was when I could get working out and luckily enough I was cleared straight away and to be honest there has been no stopping me I got straight back into my workouts and building up the healthy habits for me to actually stick to this time around.

One thing I have noticed over the past few months is that my measurements are actually changing, granted these are changing very slowly but slowly is better than not at all.  Even when I am looking in the mirror I am noticing the changes where those measurements are dropping especially in my thighs and around my waist. I am definitely enjoying seeing this progress and not just relying on the scales for a change. I am noticing the biggest difference in my face though as my cheeks are no where near as chubby as they were this time last year. 

My confidence is getting a whole lot better too and I am finding that I am experimenting with my style a lot more. It is amazing what the smallest of changes can do and with how it is going and I can't wait to see what my confidence is going to be like when I have got to my goal size as I certainly have a long way to go. The mental changes have been great too as I feel so much more positive than before and my attitude to a lot of things is changing in a way that I never expected. Fingers crossed these mental changes continue to happen as I think I will be in for a treat in the long run and it will help other areas of my life improve too. 

I didn't expect to be seeing my clothing size drop like I have done so far as I didn't think the changes I had made in my body were as drastic as they seem to have been when I have had to go clothes shopping. In terms of t-shirts I started the year in an XL and I am now comfortably in a large and pushing towards a medium which I am hoping to be at by the end of the year. The biggest changed has been when it comes to jeans though I started the year in a size 20 and I am now in a size 16 which honestly came as a huge shock to me, even in other sorts of bottoms I have gone from an XL to a large. I really didn't think these changes would be happening and I can't wait to see how this progresses for the rest of the year.

When I had my operation I under estimated just how much I would miss boxing each week, I am really enjoying going there still and I am seeing some good progress each session. I am so glad that I started attending the sessions as I am certainly benefiting from them and it is safe to say I will be continuing to go to these sessions for as long as possible. I have even done something this year that I never thought I would be able to do... I have signed up to play football once again and my first tournament is happening very soon and honestly I can't wait. Thinking back to a year ago I would definitely not have been in the position to do this due to my weight, fitness and confidence but with all those factors changing I am ready to put the boots on and play as often as possible. 

As I said earlier my scale weight certainly isn't changing but with other factors such as my measurements going down. fitness levels improving and even my strength improving I am extremely happy with the progress I am making this year, I didn't expect to be where I currently am in my journey and I am so proud of the progress I have made so far which is only making me more and more determined to absolutely smash the rest of the year by improving my eating habits and building a more consistent routine. I think the end of year results could be good ones, let's do this. 

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