Why I Am Trying To Stop Buying Clothes Unless I Really Need Them


I decided to take a look at my bank account just before the start of the new year, I started from January 1st 2021 and went right through to the end of December and what I saw honestly really shocked me. I couldn't quite believe just how much money I had wasted over the course of the year. A lot was spend on takeaways which we are really starting to cut back on due to my fitness goals anyway but what surprised me the most is just how much I spent on new clothing during the year yet I look in the wardrobe and most of those clothes still have the tags on them so clearly I didn't need them in the first place. 

With me losing weight I did need to restock a few essential items so that they would fit me correctly but I definitely didn't need all the football shirts and t-shirts I kept on buying for the sake of it. I soon realised just how much money I wasted and I have decided that this year that same mistake isn't going to happen as I want to save my money so I can buy a whole new wardrobe when I get to my goal weight and buy the items that I really want rather than having no money and just buying cheap for the sake of it. 

I am already starting the year on the right foot as I have yet to actually go shopping, previously if I wasn't doing anything I would go into town for the day and waste my money but now if I have a weekend with no football I am going to stay in and be productive by working on the blogs or playing through my games. This way I aren't wasting money on unnecessary purchase or petrol which will mean even more money saved in the long run and it also means that I have more time to work on content for the blogs and improve the sort of things I am putting on social media which will be great and hopefully will help me with some goals I have set for myself. It will also mean I can finally get through my gaming backlog which just seems to be stacking up as I never seemed to be at home last year. 

When you look back on things I guess it really is an eye opener as when you are out nearly every weekend and some weeknights the money spent really does seem to add up but with me wanting a new wardrobe soon & jobs needing doing around the house things really do need to start to change and I guess cutting down on clothing is going to be the way to go. I looked through my wardrobe and drawers after checking my bank and it is safe to say if I started to shop my wardrobe I have enough outfits to keep me going until I need to replace items due to the weight loss and I think that shopping my wardrobe is going to be a fun experience as honestly I have forgot quite a few items that are in there but I know I can style them to just how I want them which will be a fun little series on Instagram I think either in images or reels. 

So here are some rules that I am going to put in place to try help me save up for that dream wardrobe and to finally help me stop wasting money like I have been doing for the past few years...

-Stop going shopping when I don't need to

- Withdraw a small amount each month to put towards new wardrobe 

- Only buy the essentials such as jeans when they no longer fit

I am really hoping that if I stick to these rules by the time I am finally the size I want to be I will have a good amount of money to go on a big shopping trip and buy all the items I really want rather than just buying cheap items for the sake of it. Who knows if this goes to plan even when I am at the size I want to be I can start to really think more about the items I purchase and end up saving a whole lot more money to treat myself to things other than clothes such as trips away or sneakers. 

Let's hope I can get saving and things go to plan this year with my weight loss and my savings as I think 2022 could be a very good year for it all. 

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