Morning Routine On A Typical Weekend


I am trying my best to create healthy habits throughout 2022 and one of the ones I am trying my best to build is a morning routine that I can stick to meaning I am starting the day at the right pace rather than rushing around like a headless chicken each morning. Work day mornings are still a work in progress as I am still trying to work out what is the best way to fit things in on those days and still get into the office on time. I have come up with a bit of a solid routine for weekend mornings though which means I can start my weekend days off at a nice pace and have a much more productive day than I usually would have had. 

So here is what my morning routine looks like on a typical weekend at the moment...

First up I am still waking up around the time I usually would when I have to go to work on a weekday so it is still a very early start for me even on a Saturday or Sunday which I can't really complain about as I do manage to get more done with those extra few hours. The first thing I do on a morning is have a quick look through my social media feeds which consist of Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, with me having multiple blogs there is always plenty to respond to and it certainly keeps me busy for a while. 

Once the social media is all checked it is time to actually get out of bed and get the day properly started. I am really working on my fitness journey in 2022 so one main thing I am doing on a weekend morning is fitting in an hours workout. So once social media is checked I will throw on my workout clothes and head downstairs to do an hours workouts which usually involve the weights. I originally though doing this first thing in a morning would make me really tired however, it does the opposite and sets me up for a really good day. 

When the workout is finished it is straight back upstairs to jump in the shower and get ready for the day, I am trying to build up a bit of a skincare routine as my skin has been terrible recently and I have found that as soon as I am out of the shower is the best time to do this as it is a bit like a production line of shower, skincare then getting dressed. If I know I am staying in all day I will just throw on some lounge wear for the day or some tracksuit bottoms & a football shirt just so that I know I am going to be comfortable throughout the day as when I am comfortable I get so much more done and I am a whole lot more productive. 

Once I am finally dressed it is time to head back downstairs once again to make that morning coffee and some breakfast. I try to limit myself to just the two caffeinated drinks during the day but you can't beat an early morning cup of coffee to get the day going. I usually make some form of eggs for my breakfast so I will sit downstairs and eat those whilst scrolling through my social media once again. 

When breakfast is done I head back upstairs to make a start on my day which is filled with blogging. I will either get set up in the spare room to work on some content in peace & quiet or the games room where I will be sat at the gaming PC with dual screens where I can be a bit more productive. Once I get blogging that is my morning gone as I just get as much done as possible and before I know it we are already well into the afternoon. 

This new routine is really helping me start off my day in the correct way and I am actually enjoying the slower pace lately rather than constantly feeling like my life is 100 mph. I am definitely a lot more productive when I stick to a routine and I am really hoping that this is something I am going to be able to stick to for a very long time as I will definitely get a whole lot more done throughout the year if I do stick to it. 

Do you have a morning routine that you tend to stick to? 

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