The Workouts & Workout Classes I Would Love To Add Into My Routine


Now that I am getting more into my fitness journey I am really considering pushing myself out of my comfort zone and try some new workouts & fitness classes. I just think the new additions into a routine could be really helpful in keeping me motivated and interested so I don't fall off track throughout my journey. I have learnt that mixing up definitely so adding new bits every now and again might just be what I need to make the biggest difference. In 2021 I added a weekly boxing class to my workout routine and that evening soon became my favourite of the week and now I countdown to going to that class as I know it pushes me to my limits and makes me feel so good. I went to football a few times too and I am hoping to get back into that weekly once I am recovered from my upcoming surgery as kicking the ball around the field again made me feel fantastic and I honestly think it is just what is needed for me to continue on the right path. So other than football, boxing & my training programme here are some of the things I would love to add into my fitness routine...


I have wanted to get a basketball hoop for the garden for the longest time so I think it is about time I finally picked one up. This is definitely one for the warmer weather in the garden, alongside solo football drills I could through in some basketball ones and really make the most out of working out whilst outdoors. I think it could also provide some fun challenges for me and Liam too as we definitely get competitive against each other. 


This is another workout for the warmer weather as it certainly needs to be done outdoors. I actually got a skipping rope in the 1st lockdown just to mix up my workouts a little back then and I had fun but then the world reopened and honestly I totally forgot about it. I would love to get out skipping in the warmer weather even if it is just 20 minutes after work it will definitely add something different into my routine and I know that I will enjoy it. 


I have very briefly tried yoga in the past thanks to the lock downs and YouTube videos but I just couldn't get into it. Rather than giving up all together though I want to go back and have another go at this by trying some different YouTube videos to see if it makes a difference to me. I think if I find the right videos I could enjoy this and actually really benefit from it as it is a total different pace to the other workouts I do. 

Circuit Training

There are a few gyms local to me that run different circuit classes that are for all abilities so I am very tempted to try that one day. My problem is that I am nervous about going new places with new people which is why I am worried about going to one of these classes, especially still being as big as I am but if I could do one of these classes once a week I think my confidence could grow and I would slowly get used to going to places on my own. These classes definitely look challenging though so I think I need to get a bit better fitness wise before giving this a go, I don't want my knee giving way half way through. 


Running is something I have wanted to do for a while but thanks to my dodgy knee I haven't given it a go, I guess I am just scared that it will give up on me half way through a run. I am determined that in 2022 though I get a few small runs under my belt just to help me along in my journey and also strengthen my knee a bit too. This will definitely change my routine up and I am hoping that I can get Liam involved in this too as I think it could be something for us to do together and start to enjoy. 

Who knows adding some of these things into my routine could really help the pounds drop off me and really help me along in my journey to get in the best shape I possibly can. I am really starting to fall in love with working out once again and I am really hoping to fall in love with new exercises throughout the year, but which do I try first... 

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