Brands I Am Planning On Trying When I Reach My Weight Loss Goal

In 2022 I am determined to not only lose weight but also try out some new brands when it comes to restocking my wardrobe after the weight loss. There have been a few brands that I have wanted to try for quite a while however, I just haven't bothered due to my size and now as I am losing weight I am wanting to wait a bit longer to try the brands so that I aren't wasting money if I am dropping clothing sizes still as the brands I am wanting to try are on the more expensive side of things. So I am waiting until I am at my goal weight (which is quite a way off) and then I will be heading on a big shopping trip and hopefully picking up some bits from some of these brands. At least if I have a long time to get to the goal weight I will be able save up for the clothing items with them being a bit more expensive. So here are the brands I would love to try once I am at that goal weight and in the future...

I have wanted a few Palm Angels items for a while now and in 2021 I very nearly bought one of their t-shirts however, after seeing the price and knowing I was dropping  clothes sizes I put it back down. I actually have a Palm Angels t-shirt on my rewards list for when I get to my goal weight however, I know that this is a brand I could very easily get hooked on so I certainly need to get saving up to add a fair few more items to my wardrobe. 

It isn't just clothing that I have my eye on at Off White, I also have my eye on a few pairs of sneakers from the brand but they are just so expensive. I have a huge list of Off White items I am wanting to get my hands on from clothing to accessories to sneakers so I certainly need to get saving up for this. I love some of the bold printed t-shirts the brand do and they would fit the style I am aiming for so well so I really can't wait to get to the stage where I can get buying from the brand. 

It has been a very long time since I last bought anything from All Saints but once I am at a stage where I aren't going to be changing clothing sizes too often I will be straight into the shop picking up a fair few bits I have had my eye on for a while now. I will probably use the brand for my basic t-shirts as I love theirs with the small logo on and they aren't too expensive. I can't wait to be able to go into store and pick up the items I have wanted for a while now. 

I definitely want the Converse from Comme des Garcons and I am slowly saving for those however, I actually really like the clothing from the brand too and would love to add some into my wardrobe when the time is right. The t-shirts are actually quite simple and look a bit smarter than some of the other items I am wanting to purchase so they will be good for the smarter casual days. 

Finally Stussy is a brand I have looked at for a long time now but haven't felt 100% confident to wear whilst I am at the size I am which has been an issue for a while but once I am at the size I want to be I will definitely be purchasing a fair few items from the brand at long last. 

It is safe to say that this year I need to get saving plenty of money if I am wanting to try even half of these brands once I hit that goal weight I am aiming for but honestly I aren't planning on buying much this year unless I desperately need new clothing due to the weight loss. I have enough clothes in my wardrobe and I don't need to be constantly out shopping like I have been previously. Fingers crossed I can really work on my weight loss over the year and hopefully pick up some items soon. 

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