The Sneakers I Would Love To Purchase

It is no secret that I love a good pair of sneakers and honestly in 2022 I really want to grow my sneaker collection with some pairs I would previously only have dreamed of owning due to their price tags. This year though one of my goals is to save money and whilst doing that I am also going to be putting a set amount of money aside each month so that when it comes to my birthday in September I can head to Manchester and hopefully pick up a few pairs of sneakers off this list & who knows if all goes to plan this could be a new thing I do every birthday or just when I have enough money saved up. My collection at the moment is mainly full of old sneakers that I bought cheap but as I have got older I have started to fall in love with the more expensive & harder to get hold of pairs and here are some of the pairs I really want to pick up... 

I have never had a pair of Yeezy's as for some reason previously I just haven't been interest by them however, these 700 Wave Runners keep on jumping out at me and I think it is about time that I start looking at picking up a pair. I love how these look and this specific colour will be great with some more casual outfits. I definitely want to pick up some chunkier sneakers this year and this might be first choice. 

Another pair of Yeezy's I have my eye on are these 700's. If you know me personally you will know I like stand out footwear, especially when it comes to football boots I always pick bright colours so these 700's are right up my street and would make simple outfits I opt for really stand out. The bold colours are a risk I am willing to take if I can find these in my size. 

I got my first pair of Dunks in 2021 and I am absolutely in love with them however, I did go for a bold colour choice with them. I would love to get another pair in 2022 that are a more subtle colourway so these Pandas are certainly a pair that are catching my eye. These are definitely more subtle than 90% of my current sneakers and I don't have many other black and white pairs so these could be a very good addition. 

90% of my current wardrobe seems to be black and red, this is mainly as it is filled with various Chicago Bulls items and honestly I think that red and black are just my favourite colour combination at the moment. That is why I think these Chicago Dunks could easily become my most worn pair of sneakers if I managed to pick them up. I don't know what it is with these Dunks but I think off the whole list they are in my top 3 most wanted pairs of sneakers. 

Ah the University Blue or UNC colourway of Nike sneakers the one I have wanted for the longest time but they sell out straight away and then end up reselling for ridiculous prices. I am determined to at least get one pair of sneakers in this colourway in 2022 though no matter how much it costs me ( I might dread saying that). With how much I am loving Dunks at the moment these could easily be the pair I end up opting for. 

I don't have any Jordan 11's and to be honest they never really appealed to me until the cool grey colourway dropped. I never usually bother with raffles but I actually tried with this one but unfortunately missed out on them. I love how simple they look in the grey and I think I could create some great outfits with these so fingers crossed I can get hold of a pair of these. 

Oh look another pair of sneakers in the University Blue colourway and this time it is a pair of Jordan 4's which again have never appealed to me until I saw them in this colourway. These are certainly on the expensive side of things but I would love to own a pair of these for myself so they could easily be the first pair of Jordan 4's in my collection. 

I promise you these Jordan 1's are the final pair on this list in the University Blue colourway. I got my first pair of Jordan 1's in 2021 and I love them so I really want to add some more pairs to the collection in 2022 and of course a pair I would love is a University Blue pair. The colours just work so well together and I think they look great on a Jordan 1 silhouette. 

Another pair of Jordan 1's I would love to add are these very simple grey ones with the black swoosh. These are definitely a smart pair of sneakers in my eyes and I think I could style these very easily with the contents of my wardrobe to make the perfect outfit. As I said earlier I definitely need some more subtle sneakers and these being a higher silhouette could be a great option. I love how the colours work so well together on this pair of sneakers and fingers crossed at some point I can get my hands on a pair.

Finally we have a pair a little different to what I would usually opt for. These Jordan 1's are really nice and I love the Pine Green on these sneakers and green is definitely a colour I don't own a lot of currently but would love to add into my sneaker collection and my wardrobe. These are definitely another subtle sneaker but I think they could be a great addition to my collection as something a little different.

It is safe to say I will be very lucky if I do manage to get a few pairs of these sneakers as they are all on the expensive side but if I even end up with just 1 pair I will be happy as I know some are going to be hard to pick up in my size. 2022 is definitely the year I level up my sneaker collection though and I really can't wait to see how much I have saved by September to see what I can pick up. 

If you could only have one pair of sneakers off this list what would you pick?

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