January 2022 New In

Well my plan to not buy much in January didn't really go to plan, well it did for the first half of the month but then everything just went down hill and I ended up spending a little bit too much money. I am trying my best to save plenty of money in 2022 and to be honest I have done well for the most part and have put a fair bit into my savings but at the same time I have also really enjoyed treating myself. I didn't exactly need all these items but a few have caught my eye for a while so I finally ended up purchasing them. So here is what I treated myself to during the first month of 2022... 

I had a trip to town and had to call into Pages n Pixels because honestly no trip is complete without calling in there these days. I ended up picking up a comic book blind bag that I had seen them doing on Instagram and for £10 I wasn't disappointed, I opted for the Marvel bag and I can't wait to read what I got. 

Whilst in store I obviously had to take a look at what Spider-Man pieces they had in and honestly I could have spent a fortune on so many items but I settled on these two graphic novels this time around. I think I might have to limit myself to one trip a month or 3 Spider-Man pieces a month or things could really end up getting out of control. 

At long last the new PlayStation controller colours have been released. At first I wasn't too bothered about getting one of these controllers due to the price however, after seeing some of my favourite YouTubers unbox the controllers I couldn't resist and I ended up with the pink version, I do want to get all the others already but for now this one will definitely do the job nicely. 

I got the controller from Smyths Toys so I obviously had to take a look at their Pokemon items and I just couldn't resist purchasing this super cute Totodile plush. It is just so cute and will look perfect alongside my other Pokemon plush. It is safe to say the collection is growing and I can't wait too add more in the very near future. 

We went to our first Ice Hockey game before Christmas and I fell in love with the game more than when I had just watched it on TV. The sport really started to take over so when I saw NHL 22 on offer at Amazon I just had to purchase a copy. Now I can get my Ice Hockey fix anytime I like which is fantastic. 

When I picked up NHL 22 I also decided to treat me and Liam to It Takes Two as that was also on offer. It feels like we don't do much just the two of us anymore so I am really looking forward to sitting down and playing this game with him sometime soon. I have heard good things about this game so fingers crossed we both enjoy it.

I have been on the look out for a fitness style punch bag for a while so when I saw this one on offer at Argos I knew I had o get it. Granted it looks a bit silly in the dining room for now but I know I am going to get plenty of use out of it as time goes on, plus if things go to plan and we get our garage sorted out this year this is going to be the perfect addition to the garage gym. My workouts have definitely just had an upgrade. 

At long last I have managed to get my hands on a Ronaldo Manchester United shirt, I have wanted one since the start of the season but was struggling to get one so as soon as the pre-order warning disappeared on the United website I made the purchase and to make it even better I managed to get it with a 20% discount too. My first ever Manchester United shirt was a Ronaldo one so I certainly wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

My mum went into Primark and found this Gremlins hoodie reduced to just £7, she asked if I wanted it and of course I couldn't let her leave without it as I love the Gremlins. I was starting to go off printed hoodies but this one I couldn't leave behind as it isn't too in your face like some hoodies that are sold at the moment. For £7 I am happy to just lounge around the house in it. 

When my mum found the Gremlins hoodie she also found this Nickelodeon one for £12. As I grew up being a Nickelodeon kid it was to safe this is another one I wasn't going to let her pass up on and I can not wait to get wearing this as it has all my favourite characters on it. I love that more places are doing Nickelodeon merchandise now as I feel I can relive my childhood. 

I wasn't too impressed with the JD sale this time around however, on a recent visit to the store I saw this Nike track top for just £25 reduced from £55 so after trying it on and loving the fit there was no way I was missing out on this bargain. I absolutely love this styles of jackets and own quite a few already but I am planning on adding more over the course of the year as they are just so comfortable. 

Finally surprise surprise we have a pair of sneakers. I really wasn't planning on buying any but when I saw these LeBron witnesses for just over £50 there was no way I was leaving them behind as I absolutely love how they look and I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of these. I love the style of them and as soon as I set eyes on them I knew there was no way I was leaving without a pair, I even ended up getting my sister a pair for her birthday that is coming up soon. 

So there you go I didn't exactly stick to my savings target for the first month of the year but it has been great to start the year off with quite a few treats. I think February could easily be a month of saving money but I do have my eye on a few essentials that I could do with upgrading so who knows how the month is going to play out in terms of spending money, let's just hope it is a good month either way. 

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