There is plenty for me to look forward to in 2024


2024 is a year of change as I have mentioned on here a fair few times and it isn't just fashion wise where things will be changing. I am planning on spending money on memories rather than items this year. I would rather go out and experience something rather than buying something to never use it and see it gathering dust. Plus I can share the experiences with family members which makes it even better especially if it means making memories with my nephew or Liam. 

Already at the start of the year my diary is starting to fill up and events are taking place which I am on countdown to. We have concerts, days out and so much more that are going to make days super special and months are going to be a nice mixture of things. So here is what we have booked already...

Hot Wheels : Glow Live

We all got tickets to take my nephew to this as he absolutely loves Monster Trucks and we have wanted to take him for a while now so whilst it is on our doorstep we might as well give it a go. I am really looking forward to this as it looks like it is a great show so lets see if it lives up to expectations.


We have had this one booked for what feels like forever now and honestly I think I might be a bit more excited for this than my nephew is. Growing up I absolutely loved just sitting and watching Sooty so this is basically going to be me reliving my childhood and I am on countdown for it. We went to Sooty Land back in August so I think that helped me get ready for it too.


This is another one that we are all going to with my nephew and I have to admit again I am really looking forward to this one even if it is aimed more towards little kids. I am not sure what it is about Bluey but we see on social media the show has drawn a lot of people in and a lot of adults actually don't mind sitting and watching it, to be honest even our dog is hooked and will sit and watch a full episode. This show should be great and a nice little pre-birthday treat for the nephew.

Jonas Brothers

2024 seems to be the year of reliving my childhood and I am really not complaining. The second I got the notification that the Jonas Brother's were coming to Manchester I was making plans to get there. Luckily thanks to being a Co-Op member I got the tickets pretty easily and the countdown soon begun. I got my sister a ticket to join me as her Christmas present seen as our time growing up was spent listening to them so it is going to be nice to relive our childhoods together, plus there is no way Liam would have gone with me.


Pink is someone I have wanted to see for far too long, you watch the videos of her show online and realise it is more than a concert you are attending plus all her songs are absolutely brilliant. When she announced her tour me and a few friends set up a group chat and luckily one of us managed to get all the tickets we needed so in July I will be heading to Anfield (wish it was any other stadium) to finally see Pink live with a great group of friends.

Total Warrior

Do you ever look back at something and think why did I sign up for that? Well that is the question I ask myself every time I remember I am doing the Total Warrior course. This is a 12k track with some pretty brutal obstacles in the way. I am definitely working out a lot more in 2024 to get myself ready for this so I guess it should really help me power through my weight loss & fitness goals too plus if I do finish this it is going to be something to be very proud of. 

Family holiday

We have a full family holiday booked for 2024 and the countdown is on. We tend to do these once a year where we all go including my grandparents which makes the trip that bit more special. The dog is also going with us for this one and where we are going couldn't be any more suited to going on a lot of adventures. No doubt we will have plenty more holidays booked throughout the year with some of the family so I can't wait to see where we end up.


We are back to the theatre with this one. Hairspray is up there in my top 3 musicals so when my dad said he was getting my mum a ticket for Christmas I asked if I could join her. This isn't until November however, I really can't wait to go see this once more. I don't think this will be one of the only musicals I go to in 2024 either as I am determined to head to as many shows as I can as there are plenty coming on tour locally that I have been waiting to see.

So there we go those are all the things that I have booked that I am really looking forward to in 2024, throw in the football schedule and we are sure in for a busy year as no doubt even more things will be getting booked as the year progresses. As I have mentioned before 2024 is all about making memories and going on adventures so I can't wait to see where the year takes us. 

I will be posting little round ups of the shows we have attended & the adventures we have been on to the blog once they have taken place so keep an eye out for those, also keep an eye out on Instagram to see just what we get up to on those adventure days.

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