January 2024 favourites

Well that is the first month of the year done and dusted and I have to admit I think it is the best start to a year I have had in a very long time. I don't want to jinx it but I feel like the tide is turning and things are going to go my way this year and be a damn site better than 2023 was. The year has set off to a flying start and plenty has taken place throughout the month so here are my favourites for month one of 2024...


Cutting back on the amount of clothing bought

It is about time I started to cut back on buying clothes for the sake of it. I am taking my weight loss and savings journey much more in 2024 and the first month has helped me so much to get a head start on these goals. I have used January to start being a bit more mindful with my spending and it has helped me out so much with the amount of clothing I have added to the wardrobe even with the January sales in full force. I have also emptied the wardrobe for the bedroom work and realised just how much clothing I own which has really opened my eyes to just how much I waste on clothing.


Ralph Lauren Polo Courts

I might not have worn these sneakers yet but I absolutely love them. They are quite a bit different to other pairs of sneakers I own so I think that might also be why they have gone straight onto my favourites. These are a lot smarter than I am used to although they cost me a lot less than normal. I have been saving these for the perfect occasion and that will finally be here in February so I can't wait to get wearing them.


Getting into the gym

I might not have been to the gym as much as I would have liked to in January however, it has made it onto the list as when I have been I have really enjoyed myself. It had been a long time since I stepped foot in a gym and to be honest a lot of that was down to my confidence so to be able to say I am back there is brilliant as it just goes to show pushing myself actually works.


Getting work on the bedroom started 

After planning taking place since the back end of 2023 January finally saw us make a start on the bedroom renovations. There are so many different things that are finally taking shape and January saw us finally clearing this room out and getting it ready for a fresh start which has been much needed. Granted the work doesn't fully start until February so who knows it might make it on back to back favourite lists.


Alex Scott - How not to be strong

Finally I am making very good progress through Alex Scott's book and to be honest I have actually nearly completed it in January which has come as a bit of a surprise to me. I am really glad to have read this book though as it has just made Alex go up in my expectations and it has been great learning more about one of those players I grew up watching. I don't know what I will do when I have finished this though as I am spoilt for choice with reading options.


Grace Beverley - Working Hard, Hardly Working : Lydia Millen

Lydia Millen is one of the very few YouTuber's I have consistently watched for years, with others I have dipped in and out where as Lydia Millen has been a constant. When I found out she would be appearing on Grace Beverley's podcast I knew I had to have a listen and to be honest it has opened my eyes to a lot and I honestly think I could listen to it a few more times and pick up on tings I might not have noticed the first time around. I haven't liked a podcast episode as much as this in a very long time.

Overall highlight of the month 

Getting back to football 

January was time to get back to my Wednesday sessions post Christmas and after a few weeks missing due to the weather and illness I am really enjoying being back though and the love is slowly returning for the game. I have even started to train with a new team and I am already counting down for the new season starting.

Favourite thing I have learned

Taking time to recover speeds up the process

I have been ill for a little bit of January and I actually slowed down a lot more than I usually would. This slowing down and taking time to recover actually sped up the healing process and what may have taken me a week to recover from only took me a few days which was super helpful. I need to remember this if it happens again though, just take steps to slow down and recover properly.

So there you go those are my favourite things from the first month of the year, it has definitely been a good first month of the year so I am really hoping that the momentum keeps on going and the rest of the months will be just as good.

What were your favourite things from January?

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