The more personal goals of 2024


So recently we had my 2024 fitness and weight loss goals in a post which you can read here, and I mentioned in that post that my fitness & weight loss journey was going to play a big part in my 2024 however, that doesn't mean I am not going to be setting myself goals for other aspects of my life too. I mentioned in the other goals post 2023 really didn't go to plan therefore I am determined to have a much better 2024 all round. The aim is to come out of 2024 the best version of myself with improvements having taken place in plenty of aspects of my life, I want to enter my 30's in September in a better place but I want to end December even better. I want to be able to see the self growth and also be in a better place financially so these goals are all going to be ones that help me work towards that. 

The goals in this post are what I am calling my main goals, there are also others on a different list that I haven't posted on here however, they are equally as important so although they haven't made it onto this post they will still be celebrated on social media if I do achieve them so make sure you are following to see what goals didn't quite make this post. So here are those main goals I am hoping to achieve in 2024...

Read 10 books

I have really slacked off with reading in recent years however, I am trying to add more down time into my routine for 2024 so the plan is to try finish 10 books, they can be fiction or self development, I just want to have 10 books done with by the end of the year. This will hopefully help me reduce the screen time on an evening too as it will mean reading rather than looking through the Instagram feed like I usually do, so this goal should help various aspects of my life and hopefully improve my sleep.

Complete 4 of the free courses on Open University

I never knew that the Open University offered some free courses through their site however, after stumbling across them at the end of 2023 I have added some to my saved list and I am determined to get through 4 of them throughout 2024. There is a huge selection of free courses available and my saved list includes plenty that will help me grow and develop knowledge in a variety of areas that can help me in my work life and personal life. I am actually looking forward to sitting down and completing these so who knows at the end of the year I might be reporting on more than 4 being completed.

Work in a coffee shop once a month

Now this is something I have wanted to do for a while but due to my confidence I haven't fancied going and sitting alone with my laptop in a coffee shop. That is going to change in 2024 though as I am working on putting myself in situations I wouldn't previously have put myself in, whether it is just going to a coffee shop in the village or heading into town for a few hours the change of environment could do me some good plus I won't be distracted by the dog every two minutes.

Complete a low spend year 

I have wanted to do this one for a while but have never really been properly organised for it however, in 2024 I am ready. The aim is to absolutely smash a low spend year where only essentials or items that align with our goals are purchased. Again I wont go into this goal too much as I am going to do a separate post in regards to this goal but all I will say now is I am really ready to smash this and see the clutter brought into the house reduced whilst our savings grow.

Stick to cash stuffing

I gave cash stuffing a go in 2023 however, didn't fully stick to it with me doing it some months and then neglecting it for months. The plan for 2024 though is to fully commit to this as it shows me exactly how much I have left to spend on each category and will teach me that once that money is gone it is gone, something I struggled with in 2023 as I would just get the debit card out and be well over budget. If I stick to doing this monthly I should certainly see my savings grow so let's hope I can do.

Buy less clothing

I am determined to be saving money this year as I have mentioned a fair few times and I know that if I stopped buying so many items of clothing I would see my savings grow and it will mean money is no longer being wasted. The fact a big focus is on my weight loss and fitness journey also means there is no point going out buying loads of clothing as I am hoping my size changes a fair bit this year so if I do buy loads of clothes then lose the weight I will have wasted money that could have saved to spend elsewhere. My wardrobe is far too cluttered too so I really don't need much more added anytime soon that is why in 2024 I will only be picking up the essentials.

Treat myself to 1 big present for my 30th

I am 30 in September and I have said to myself for a while now that I want to treat myself to a big present when the birthday does roll around. This present is definitely on the more expensive side of things but it is going to be a treat to myself for entering my 30's. I have a list of ideas from clothing to footwear to watches so let's see what I am after the most by September who knows I might even be good enough with my savings to be able to get a few presents for myself.

Start saving for those bigger jobs

I have a post going up soon about all the jobs I am wanting to get done in 2024 however, I also want to use the year to start saving towards those bigger jobs that I want to get done. I know that the work in the house is going to cost a fortune once we get to doing the downstairs as it will mean changing layouts etc so I want to use 2024 as a chance to build up the savings so that we can get on with these jobs sooner rather than later. A lot of money is going to be spent on getting the upstairs done however, I am determined to balance this out by saving for future jobs too, it gives that saving a bit of an added incentive really as it will mean getting the house done a lot quicker... something I can't wait to be complete, I have even started putting little mood boards together for those bigger jobs that's how excited I am.

Pay off car insurance in a lump sum

Alongside saving up for jobs around the house I also want to make sure that I am not neglecting the car savings, I want to have enough saved to be able to pay my insurance in one lump sum like I usually do and I would also like to make sure I have money building up to cover my MOT and car tax as well towards the end of the year. If I really do stick to my savings this should all happen with no issue at all so lets see if things go to plan shall we.

End the year with £2,000 in the goal shop pot

The final goal on this is list is to increase my goal shop pot to £2,000. I am already half way there but if all goes to plan over the course of the year I could smash this target which would put me in a brilliant position for when I do head out on that big shop. The goal shop pot is for a whole new wardrobe when I have hit my target weight/size so I don't think it will take place in 2024 however, if I can use the year to build up to that big shop it will mean I have plenty of money ready for when it does take place who knows I might end up with more than £2,000 but I guess only time will tell. 

So there you have it those are my personal goals for the year and don't forget you can go back and read my fitness & weight loss ones here. I definitely have big plans for 2024 so I am looking forward to seeing how the year shapes up. 

There will be plenty more posts coming on the website too throughout 2024 so make sure you keep checking back every weekday for a new post. Let's make 2024 the best one yet...

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