The jobs we want to get done in 2024

 I know I am repeating myself again with the start of this post however, just like with everything else in 2023 things didn't go to plan when it came to getting things done around the house and we actually got nothing done throughout the year which in all honesty is pretty annoying. We are certainly hoping that things go a lot differently in 2024 though and we have a nice long list of jobs around the house that we would like to get done and thanks to us going into the year with our heads well and truly screwed on, knowing what we want to achieve, we should be able to really make a dent in these jobs and end 2024 with a fair bit of the house completed. 

We have said down and worked out exactly where our priorities lie this year and we know that a big aim for the year is to get as much of the jobs around the house done as we can, we can probably get all the upstairs done and a lot of the outdoors space if we keep our goals in mind and keep our heads screwed on. If we can get the upstairs done then 2025 can be focused on the expensive jobs downstairs and if we focus on the outdoor space in 2024 we can spend our summers relaxing at home rather than going out spending for the sake of it, a nice garden space for us to sit in whilst the dog charges around would be ideal for 2024. 

Financially we are in a much better place too which puts us in a much better position to get things done over the next 12 months and with a bit of time & effort we could fly through this list, so here are the jobs we are hoping to get done in 2024...

Our bedroom

This job is already booked in and will be underway in the first month of the year which is a big step in ensuring we get this full list ticked off this year. By getting our bedroom done early on we are getting a more expensive job done early on to be able to get saving for other jobs for the remainder of the year. I have a post coming up about the plans for this job so I won't go into it too much but lets just say it is going to be a complete change and we both can't wait for it.

Office/dressing room

The office, dressing room is our spare room and it is only a small room therefore it shouldn't cost us too much to do up. This room is just going to be a case of plastering the walls and painting them whilst rearranging the furniture we have in there. With it being a relatively low cost job I am hoping that we can do this early on in the year but I guess we will see. The aim here though is to make the space more practical and more appealing to be sat in whilst I am working on content etc. A good declutter will also take place in here and only those essential items will be going back in whilst being tidied up as the state of the room currently stresses me out and does nothing for my productivity.

Home gym

I guess you could say we started this in 2023 as we got the old garage structure pulled down however, that is all we got done. The aim is to have the new structure built and in use by my birthday in September, this will free up space in the house and will also just give me that easier workout option as the year progresses. Even if it is a case of just doing bits as and when the funds are available to have it done in 2024 will be a huge weight lifted as we are sick of the sight of gym equipment in the house. It also means I can save more money by cancelling my gym membership. This really would be the perfect addition to the house and has been a long time coming so let's hope by mid-year I can report that things are well underway.

Back garden

The back garden is something we wanted to get done in 2023 but time and weather wasn't on our side so we never got around to completing it. We are hoping though that by the time summer rolls around the back garden is fully complete. The aim for the back garden is a case of having a general tidy up, paint the decking and fencing, turn the planters into seats and just making the window area look nicer. Once all that is done we will also be rearranging the furniture & accessories whilst adding new just to make this space perfect for those long evenings. Hopefully we will get this done and be able to have people round for BBQ's this summer which would be perfect as the dog would be able to enjoy it too. This should be another low cost job but will require a fair bit of hard work so let's see if we can get it done.

Front garden

The front garden is another low cost job but it is another that is going to require a fair bit of hard work. The window and door area here is going to require some freshening up which will be a simple job however, the trees need sorting out as they are overgrown and old plants need ripping out as there is no life left in them. The plan then is to dig out the old border and add some plants just to brighten the area up as at the moment it is all just overgrown grass and the curb appeal is none existent. A little fence also needs to go up between ours and our neighbors just to make it more secure for the dog. One nice weekend should just allow for this to be completed and I can't wait for it.

Side garden

Now the side garden shouldn't cost too much as it is just a case of getting rid of the old flowerbed (which should be done at the same time as the gym build) and the old BBQ we are never going to use. Once those are removed its just a case of tidying the area up and getting it ready to use for kicking the football around in. The only cost for this area may be getting some fencing of some sort just to secure it for the dog but we need to sit and have a think about that as it comes to sorting the area out.


The hallway is definitely going to be the most expensive job on this list other than the home gym. It needs plastering and due to how it is we may get someone in to paint it for us but we will decide that nearer the time and budget for it just in case. We are also going to need to sort the floorboards out here and sort out new flooring for the upstairs, stairs and the downstairs which will be costly plus the flooring is going to need to be bought in bulk for downstairs as we will want to run this all throughout the downstairs areas when it comes to redoing those rooms. We also need a joiner to come fit some cupboards for us in the hallway too which we know won't be cheap. The hallway is an aim for the year however, even if we have to wait until early 2025 due to the cost I don't think we will mind... let's aim big for 2024 though so we throw excess money into the savings.

So there you go those are the jobs we are hoping to get done in 2024, both me and Liam are determined to save up to get all these done on the list so it is going to be interesting to see just how much we can get done. We will also be trying to do as much as we can on our own to cut down on costs which will be a challenge but I am sure we are both more than capable. 

I am looking forward to seeing just how much we can get done this year and I am hopeful that by the check in post around June I will be reporting that a chunk of these jobs will be completed rather than being saying I am way behind like I was in 2023. Now it is time to get planning this bedroom as it isn't long until it gets underway.

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