Items that will be going straight into my new wardrobe (when I can buy clothes again)

 The plan when it comes to my goal shop is to rebuild my wardrobe with timeless pieces where the quality of the items are going to have a big impact, there will be no buying for the sake of it and there will be no buying cheap and having to buy twice, those days are gone.

Whilst I am losing the weight to head towards being able to do that goal shop I am putting myself on a clothes buying ban so I can save my money and put it towards the goal shop, in fact I will only actually be buying clothing when I really need to such as if a pair of jeans look ridiculous due to the weight loss. I have finally realised there is no point me spending a fortune on clothing now as I hopefully wont be in those pieces too long as my size changes. 

Today's post is all about those classic pieces I am going to be bringing straight into my wardrobe once I am at my goal. These won't be getting added before then as they are on the more expensive side of things plus they will also probably suit me a lot more once that size has been hit. Plus with them being expensive I guess that is the whole reason that I started the goal shop in the first place... to treat myself after all my hard work. My style is certainly changing as I get older too so there are actually some items on here that a few years back I wouldn't have even considered but due to the changes they are now high on the priority list. As I say a lot of these are also more expensive too due to me opting for the quality in future purchases however, I am definitely on the side of thinking that investment will be worth it these days. So here are those clothing pieces that will definitely be being added into my wardrobe once the big rebuild happens...

Holland Cooper Stamford Country Coat

This 2 in 1 coat and gilet would tick two boxes in one purchase for me as the coat would be perfect for the dog walks and the detachable gilet has been on my radar for a while as it fits the kind of style I want to aim for perfectly. At £349 this is definitely on the expensive side of things but I need to remind myself you get 2 products in 1 really and they should easily last me a long time. It really does have autumn and winter dog walks written all over it

Holland Cooper Fleece

At £129 this fleece is more expensive than any others I have previously looked at however, again the quality looks absolutely fantastic. The details on the elbows sell it for me and the branding which is noticeable without being too in your face like some other brands. Again this is an item with dog walks in mind especially on those crisp days that don't quite require a coat, this would be the perfect option.

Ralph Lauren Shirts

I have never been able to comfortably fit into the regular fit Ralph Lauren shirts that I have been after for so long. I am hopeful though that once I do hit that goal I will be comfortably into these shirts as I am planning on bringing at least 3 into my wardrobe if that is the case. I am hoping to add a variety of colours of these once I do the big rebuild so I have a much smarter work wardrobe on its way.

Ralph Lauren Jumpers

There are actually a fair few styles of jumpers that I want to pick up from Ralph Lauren to add into my wardrobe for day to day wear alongside them being for work. I will definitely be opting for a few different styles to mix up the outfit types I can create however, I may just stick to the basic colours when purchasing these to ensure I will get my wear out of them.

Lily Silk Cashmere Jumpers

The more I see these jumpers on social media the more I get an urge to just order one there and then but I am going to be good and wait until I am at my goal size so that I am not spending more than usual on a jumper for it not to fit me in a few months time. I want to make the purchase when I am at a size I will be at for a much longer period of time though so that I know it is going to last me and is probably going to fit me much better.

Barbour Jacket

I know I have already said that I want to add the Holland Cooper coat to my wardrobe but I will also be adding a Barbour jacket. My current jacket game is terrible so this is where a big upgrade is needed so this item is top of the list. I am spending so much time outdoors these days and walking the dog in all weather so a quality jacket like a Barbour one really is a must have.

Schoffel Country Fleece

These fleeces are all over my Instagram feed these days and the more I see them the more I fall in love with them as they are super simple but look so comfortable. Again this is a purchase with those cooler dog walks in mind as it should keep me nice and warm whilst adding a bit of a smarter element to my outfit. 

POSH Harrogate 1/4 Zips

I keep getting drawn into buying every colour 1/4 zip that POSH Harrogate sell however, I keep telling myself that these are not being purchased until I hit that goal, again as I want to make sure they all fit me for longer than a few months. These look absolutely brilliant and the colours they sell are all a bit different to what I would usually pick up. Who knows just how many options there will be from the company by the time I finally hit my goal.

Nice Trousers

As part of my total wardrobe rebuild and me smartening up my style I am planning on bringing in some good quality smarter looking trousers into my wardrobe. These will be mainly for my work outfits but I am looking forward to going and finding the perfect pairs. On the list are definitely a grey, black and navy pair but as for other colours we shall see what I find, I will certainly be shopping around for these.

Ralph Lauren Belt

I am absolutely loving these reversible Ralph Lauren belts and the plan is to invest in some good quality statement belts so these will be a good starting point. Again I have been so tempted to get these already however, for the price I may as well just buy some cheap belts for now and wait until my size levels out. I may be looking forward to getting this most off the list. 

I am sure that a lot more items will be added before I finally get around to the full wardrobe rebuild especially as I am taking a lot of inspiration from Instagram these days. All I know though is I am really looking forward to building up my new wardrobe when I finally hit that goal and who knows a whole new Lucy may be incoming.

This post is all about the clothing that I am wanting to purchase however, I haven't forgot about the footwear side of this website. I am not on a footwear buying ban so those pieces will be coming in throughout the year although you may see a change on the styles I end up purchasing. Keep an eye on the site though as I have a full footwear piece coming up before the end of the month.

For now though let's stop buying those clothes and work towards having the money available to purchase these items...

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