2024 is the year that the watch collection grows...

From a very young age I have wanted to get into the world of watches however, I have never really put the money aside to get my journey going plus I constantly wear my Apple watch these days it is more or less glued to my wrist as I am pushing on with my fitness and weight loss journey. Don't get me wrong I do have a few watches at the moment but the collection is nowhere near where I would like it to me, a few of the watches are cheap ones I have picked up from abroad or high street stores however, I do have a few special ones in there like an Adidas one from my 16th birthday and a Michael Kors one from my 18th. I am determined though that 2024 will be the year where I finally start to add to my collection though and here are the watches I have been looking at so far...


Casio MTP-1302PD-2A2VEF

This watch has been a standout to me after seeing it on social media so often. This is by far the cheapest watch on this list but it doesn't look cheap. It looks fantastic and a lot more expensive than it actually is, as at under £50 it is an absolute bargain. The colour of the watch face is what has sold it for me though and if I did get this I could see it being worn a lot especially in the spring and summer time.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 

Now this watch has been on the wish list for a very long time however, it is expensive. I have been dropping hints for one of these for my 30th this year so I guess only time will tell if it gets added to the collection or not however, when it comes to picking which one I would like I am spoilt for choice with colours etc. This would be a dream addition to the collection for me though so I best get saving up.

Seiko King Black Dial

This watch looks a bit more classic and subtle than the others on the list and the price frame is also a lot more realistic for me to pick one up. This watch is over £1,500 however, it definitely looks like it is worth it and like it would be a nice addition to the watch collection overall. If I did pick this up I can easily say that it would become a go to for work especially when my style does go in the smarter direction. 

Tissot PRX 40mm Classic Green

The darker green dial on this is what has sold me on it as it is another nice and classic looking colour that will add a bit of something different to any outfit it is paired with. The classic green just adds a bit of elegance to the watch and works really well with the colour of the wrist strap. It is another metal strap but at under £500 it would be a brilliant addition to the collection and is in a bit more of a realistic price range for me. 

Tudor 1926

The Tudor 1926 is a little different as the wrist strap is a bit smaller on this watch but it is another classic looking watch. This watch is a bit more on the expensive side with it being over £1,500 currently however, it just adds another option to the watch collection rather than the bigger & bulkier straps of the other watches on this list. There are a few different versions of this watch so if it came to buying it I would definitely have to sit and pick the perfect version for myself.

Cartier Tank Must

Now this one is totally different to the others on the list and is also much more expensive which I think is more due to the name than anything else. This definitely looks very elegant and like a timeless piece and I am already dreaming of the outfits I could wear this with if I ever got my hands on one. This would be an absolute dream addition so if I ever want to get my hands on it I will definite need to start the saving up now but in the mean time I will keep on day dreaming. 

So there you have it those are the watches I would to have in my collection as time goes on but I know that I will just have to keep dreaming for a while. I am determined though that gone are the days of wearing the Apple Watch daily and the wrist wear is getting an upgrade and will start to match my outfits a little better than they currently do with the Apple Watch. For know though it is time to knuckle down and get those savings growing ready to purchase my first watch for the collection. 

Which of this list would you purchase first?

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