2024 fitness and weight loss goals

Here we are a new year, a fresh start and I am super grateful for this fresh start. 2023 really didn't go to plan with a lot of things derailing my progress when it came to my fitness and weight loss journey however, I have got big plans for 2024. I am starting the year with my head screwed on and fingers crossed it stays that way for the full year as I am determined that 2024 is going to be the year where a big focus is going to be on the weight loss & fitness aspects of my life to make me the healthiest I have been in a long time, self growth is going to be a big part of the year too and it all kind of ties in together. 

2023 was spent with me losing the confidence I had previously gained whilst also getting really down & fed up with my size and how things weren't going the right way. I am determined that 2024 is not going to be the same way though I am determined that the confidence is going to come back, I am going to be happier and my 2024 will be ending with me at my lowest weight in a long time rather than ending with me having gained weight like 2023 did.

So here are some of the main goals I am setting myself for 2024, I haven't included every goal I have set myself or we will be here all day however, I have included the big ones I am working towards that I want to have ticked off by December 31st. 

Lose 3 Stone by 30

I actually started this goal back in September 2023, I started at 16 st 4 lbs and I have challenged myself to lose 3 stone by my 30th birthday on the 9th of September. This is definitely a big challenge however, it is one I am up for. If I manage to hit this goal I will be starting my 30's at my lowest weight in a long time and will set me on track for hitting my end goal in the not so distant future. I am sure if I really put my mind to this one and nail daily habits I will be on track to achieving this but I guess only time will tell.

Get as close to 12 stone 

Now if I do hit the 3 stone by 30 goal this one should follow nicely as I wouldn't be too far off it. I am determined to have 2024 hold some big changes on the scales as they are much needed and I know that the number isn't everything to go by however, it will benefit me massively if I stop seeing those gains that I did in 2023. Is 4 stone a lot to lose over the course of a year? Yes it definitely is but I know if I am consistent and stick to a routine I have a good shot at achieving this.

Go into 2025 lowest weight in a long time

If I manage to achieve the two goals above then I also get to tick this one off. The lowest weight I have been in recent years was 14 stone 10 lbs however, that was after being really ill so I don't really count that one. Anything under 14 stone 10 lbs though would have me at the lowest weight in a long time, so I will take any number under that, I would prefer to be close to that 12 stone mark though.

Smash Total Warrior 

The more I think about this one the more I am questioning why I signed up for it... 12k course with a variety of obstacles thrown in the mix, my body definitely isn't ready for this currently however, I am hoping that by the time June comes around I will be in much better shape ready to take on the course. This is definitely going to be the biggest challenge of the year by a long shot however, I am determined to complete it no matter how long it actually takes me. 

Run 5k without stopping 

This one has been on my goals list for a while now but here I am saying that 2024 is going to be the year where it is finally going to get ticked off. I am aiming to complete the couch to 5k in 2024 so I guess you could say that is a goal inside a goal however once I have completed that and moved on to running alone I should easily be able to complete a full 5k without stopping. This should help me on the football pitch too as I shouldn't have to keep stopping to catch my breath like I currently have to.

Fit in size 14 jeans comfortably

If the other goals go to plan I should definitely be on track to achieve this one but I also have a pair of jeans in my wardrobe already that I am going to use to gauge progress. I know clothing sizes aren't always the same from store to store but I will definitely be happy if I can comfortably wear a pair of size 14 jeans by the end of 2024.

Stretch daily 

Everyday in 2024 I am going to put aside 10 minutes to get my body stretched and moving before I properly start my days. Stretching is certainly something I need to add as it is going to benefit me in so many ways, it will help me when it comes to football and it will definitely help when it comes to day to day life too as I hoping it means I don't ache half as much as I have done in previous years.

Meal prep & plan

My nutrition has always let me down I could do all the workouts in the world but then overrule any progress with my terrible diet. That is why the goal is to meal prep and plan every week throughout 2024. This is going to help me stay consistent with food which is needed and it will also stop me going out on my lunch to buy junk. It should also help me save money in the long run which is an added bonus.

Improve overall fitness

Now if everything goes to plan, I stick to the nutrition & workouts and tick all the above goals off the list then this one should just fall into place with them. I will be able to measure this through my performance in workouts but the main way I will be measuring this is by my performance in football. If my fitness levels are improving I will be able to run around the pitch a lot longer than I currently can.

Increase Strength 

This is something else that should just fall into place if I am consistent in what I do. If I am hitting that protein and those weekly strength sessions I should find myself gaining muscle throughout 2024, if I do stick to those sessions too I should see the weights I can lift increase by a fair bit. I have got my benchmark for the start of the year and I am coming up with the numbers I would like to hit so lets see if that will happen.

Take monthly progress pics

Now I know the first few goals are scale focused however, I don't want to solely focus on the scales as I know that isn't the only way to track progress. I am determined to get back into the habit of taking monthly progress pictures so that I can see the difference as the year goes on and I can really gauge any progress that I am making and hopefully come December I will be able to see a massive difference in a side by side comparison.

As I say these aren't all my fitness & weight loss goals, some I will be keeping to myself unless I hit them so keep an eye on social media to see which of these goals I hit and any hidden extras. Let's hope by the end of the year we have plenty of goals ticked off ready for the wrap up post, for now though let's get working towards them as there is plenty of hard work needed to achieve these goals. 

Keep checking back on the blog as I will be posting a few more yearly goal posts in the next few days, one will be personal/life goals whilst the other is the jobs around the house goals. 

Now let's tart working towards making 2024 the best year in a long time.

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