The things I want to treat myself to for my 29th birthday


It isn't long now until my birthday which means we are very quickly approaching me entering my last year of my 20's. As always today's post is going to be my birthday wish list, not necessarily what I am going to ask people for when I get bombarded with the what do you want for your birthday questions but what I am also thinking of treating myself to for a change. This year I have been trying to save ideas for this time of year rather than heading out and purchasing things as soon as the idea comes to mind which should help out with actually getting items I have wanted for a while rather than just suggesting things for the sake of it. 

To be honest looking at this list these are all items that are quite practical for a change and not just spur of the moment like previous. Each item will benefit me in one way or another so here is what made it onto my birthday wish list this year...

Bradford City shirt

If you read the blog yesterday you will have seen that I recently treated myself to the new Bradford City home shirt but I have absolutely fallen in love with the away & third shirt this season too so I will be putting one of these on the birthday wish list. I think I am more tempted for the third shirt as things stand though as it is such a nice design that I can wear easier than the white away one. I think this is the first year in a while where I have loved all 3 shirts they have released.

Manchester United shirt

We have renewed our season ticket for the new WSL season so we will once again be heading off to all the home Manchester United games however, this time we have added the cup option on too meaning we might get to even more games that expected especially if they do well in the FA Cup etc again this time around. This means I definitely need a shirt upgrade to this seasons and that is why the home shirt is going straight on the birthday wish list, I just need to work out who I want on the back of it this time around. 

Running vest 

I did my first run in July and loved it but I soon realised having everything in my pockets wasn't such a good idea. On my Instagram I seem to be getting a lot of targeted ads for running vests and the more I look at them the more I think that picking up one could be a really good idea as it would mean I had space for keys and my phone without them weighing my legs down and I can also have some water in there without having to carry it around with me. The FreeTrain vest is definitely a strong contender for this.

Gymshark set 

It has been a long time since I got anything new from Gymshark and I think a nice little birthday order might be required. I would love to get a new set for my return to boxing or for when I am out running but I haven't quite decided yet which occasion I want it for the most although it does seem to be boxing that seems to be coming to mind more often than the running. A nice fitting t-shirts and some shorts would certainly go down a treat and who knows a set of socks might magically fall into my basket too.

Vans t-shirt

My trusty old Vans t-shirt is now far too baggy for me which is annoying as it was my go to for layering up and even for those more casual fits on warmer days. I have put off buying a new one a size smaller for too long now so the plan is to finally purchase a new one and maybe I can convince Liam to get me a few of these on my birthday shopping trip, if not it will be a nice treat for myself.

New sneakers

My Air Force have officially fallen apart on me so it is definitely time for an upgrade. I just don't know which I want this time around. I am fancying a change from the Air Force and maybe going for something a bit smarter like the Ralph Lauren sneakers I have come across recently but then I also keep getting sucked back into looking at Nike Dunks which are far too expensive. I think I would also love to try a pair Adidas Sambas so I guess we will have to see what I end up treating myself to. 


There was a time when I fell out of love with Converse however, the love is back for them stronger than ever. I would love to get my hands on a low black pair ready for when the weather changes so these are definitely on my birthday wish list as this way I might stop talking myself out of buying them like I have been doing so far this year. I know that if I did get a pair I would possibly end up living in them throughout autumn.


I got a new perfume for the nicer weather not too long ago but it is now to think about those crisp, colder days and I would love a new perfume to reflect that weather when the time comes. I would love a new bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid as that is one of my all time favourites. Tom Ford might be top of the wish list but any heavier sent would be perfect for the autumnal change and would be a great addition to the start of what I am hoping will become a fantastic fragrance collection that covers all occasions.


I have lost track of how long I have been on the look out for new jewellery for but I am really hoping I can treat myself to a new item as a little birthday gift to myself. I am definitely on the hunt for a nice bracelet to treat myself to as this is an area that my jewellery box is seriously lacking in. Let's hope that the birthday shopping trip will provide me with the chance to treat myself as the different shops might actually have something that catches my eye. 

Spider-Man Lamp

I am really wanting to improve my gaming PC set up ASAP and one item I keep going back to is the Spider-Man lamp I have recently seen. This would really be the perfect addition to the space as it is all going to be a Spider-Man theme that gradually starts to take real shape and become my dream set up that I am happy to use. 

New game

It has been a long time since I got a new PS5 or Xbox game so I think it is about time I added a new one ready to play. EA Sports FC 24 comes out not long after my birthday so I think that this is the game I could treat myself to as a late birthday present. This game is basically FIFA so I know I will love it or I could wait a little bit longer and treat myself to Spider-Man 2 for the PS5 which is a game I really can't wait to get my hands on. 

So there you have it those are the items that have made it onto this years birthday wish list. I am really looking forward to my birthday shopping trip this year as I am really hopeful that I can finally treat myself to some of the items on here. Some of these items I definitely want more than others though so let's just wait and see what I do end up getting for my final birthday in my 20's.

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