Did July go to plan?

Well July has been and gone in a flash and I have to admit it wasn't the productive month that I was hoping for. Life ended up getting a bit more busier than I expected and that meant some of the goals I had set for myself got a little bit neglected. I can't complain though as the month might not have been productive however, it did lead to plenty of family time with days out filled with lots of fun which is definitely better than spending all day trying to get jobs done. So here is a look at how July's goals went, where they a massive failure or did some get done?...

Start adding to my summer wardrobe

This goal definitely went better than expected and I think it is safe to say I am well and truly covered with a summer wardrobe and I now just need the weather to go with it. I have everything off my wish list added to my wardrobe which I think might be a first for me as I normally make spur of the moment purchases. This time around though I have tried to bring in new habits of considering each purchase before actually make in it so I know that the clothing I wear this summer is the clothing I will have wanted and also shouldn't have items with tags still on them come the end of the season which again happens far too often.

Have all holiday clothes purchased 

I nearly got this one done however, I still have a few items to pick up before I head away. The bulk of the shopping is done though and it is just the basics that I need to restock that are left to purchase and I know that I will have this done and dusted by early August in plenty of time of going away. I have got that much purchased though I could very easily pack for my holidays tomorrow if I really wanted to. I think this is very easily the most prepared I have ever been for a holiday and I am loving it, this might be the start of a whole new more organised Lucy.

Buy a new piece of jewellery

I technically bought 4 pairs of earrings in July however, they aren't really the vibe I was hoping to purchase. The 4 pairs I got were novelty studs that are Disney, Pokemon or football related where as I wanted some smarter looking jewellery. This is still on my watch list though as I am on the hunt for some smarter looking jewellery to go with those smarter outfits I have in mind. Nothing jumped out at me in July though so let's hope I find something soon.

Create a new skincare routine

I actually got some new skincare products however, I haven't managed to settle into a routine just yet and this is partly down to not having the time to dedicate to creating a routine. I am aiming to really smash this goal in August though as my skin certainly needs it due to constant breakouts and without the dog on holiday a bit more time will be freed up for me to try settle into the routine and build that healthy habit to continue once I get home.

Sort all my footwear out

Thanks to the time restraints this month and suddenly getting busy I haven't had the chance to go through and sort out all my footwear this month however, it is staying on the to do list as the area where I keep all my footwear is currently a hazard with shoes just waiting to fall on you when you walk past. With this area not being organised it has meant I haven't bothered changing the shoes I wear and I just stick to the same old Air Force daily. This area will be done ASAP though as I really want to start wearing different footwear now and ditch the beat up Nike's.

Lose 4lbs

I was just short on this one but I am not mad as the measurements have gone down which is just as important. I didn't really focus on my weight loss journey in July for multiple reasons but I didn't gain weight which to me is super important. Like I said I am not too bothered about this one as I didn't really try but I am in a good point going into August to really push on with my journey with some super exciting things in the pipeline. Plus the measurements will be changing to kg so keep an eye out for any possible progress.

9,000 steps daily 

This was a hit and miss goal as a lot of days I exceeded this by more than 1,000 steps but on other days I ended up really slacking and struggled to even hit 5,000 steps. I am really pleased with this though as the days where I did get to 9,000 or about I felt absolutely fantastic and my days went brilliantly and those days definitely outweighed the days where I struggled. I am really hoping to keep the momentum going and smash this goal even more in August and beyond.

Limit the alcohol I drink

I absolutely smashed this goal as I don't even remember the last time I had an alcoholic drink. I didn't actually expect to have cut it out all together but I am pleasantly surprised that this happened and I can only see me breaking this a few times over the course of the rest of the year as it is definitely a key factor in me dropping weight and also feeling better all round.

3 workout sessions a week

Once again this goal fell short due to the time constraints. I really poorly planned my time in July and the spur of the moment days out didn't help either. I managed 1 session a week maximum if I was at football training but even that didn't happen every week so some weeks I wasn't doing anything. This really hasn't helped me on my fitness journey though and I should start planning these in as non-negotiable that have to be done weekly, that way I might see progress again.

Declutter the wardrobe 

Oh look another one I didn't manage to do thanks to the lack of time. I was really hoping to get this goal ticked off and out of the way but it looks like it is rolling straight over into August where I am determined to smash it. The wardrobe is ridiculous and thanks to catching up on the washing I am actually now struggling for space for items so maybe I should have sacrificed a day out to get this done.

Keep the wash baskets empty

I guess I can't tick this one off as I never actually emptied them however, I have made some great progress in getting them to the near empty stage and I have found clothing items I actually forgot I owned which is an added bonus I guess. I am really hoping that I can get the baskets empty and keep on top of the washing in August as it isn't exactly a challenging job, it is just boring having to put everything away I guess.

Make progress on the home gym

The home gym hasn't really started to take shape in any way during July however, we have prices ready to get ordering the items. The weather really hasn't been on our side for getting things moving but fingers crossed that changes soon as I really want a space to be able to go to with no distractions and smash a workout. This home gym is going to be so beneficial for my journey so fingers crossed it gets done soon.

Sort the bathroom shelves

This is another one that fell short to the lack of planning and those spur of the moment trips out. The shelves in the bathroom are an absolute mess and it is really difficult finding just what you need so I really need to sort this out ASAP. I did manage to get the new storage I wanted for the room though and a few other pieces I had my eye on so fingers crossed I can get this done soon and have a bathroom where products are a lot easier to access.

Sort the bottom of the stairs

This fits in with sorting the footwear out and it just didn't happen thanks to the same time constraints. Time really did just get away from me in July and unfortunately this job that I really wanted to get done didn't happen. It will definitely be happening in August though as this area is just getting ridiculous at the moment for all the junk piling up when it has a different place to be or could be gone altogether.

Declutter the shed

I was really hoping to get the shed sorted throughout July but this really didn't happen for a mixture of reasons. Of course like everything else on this list time got in the way of this and I didn't have a spare two minutes to get outside and get through what is bound to be a huge task. Plus July was terrible weather wise so with how much there was to do on this I would have been soaked, maybe in August the weather will pick up and I can give this another go as the shed is a bit of a death trap.

Start on sorting the side garden 

Again the weather stopped this one as there was no way I was going to be knocking things down and digging when the weather was as bad as it is in the winter. To be honest after looking at the side garden closely there isn't as much as we first though to get done so fingers crossed the weather brightens up soon and we can try get this done within a weekend.

Complete the back garden

The final goal of the month and surprise, surprise it didn't go to plan just like most of the other goals for the month. Again this would no doubt have got done if the weather was what we expected in July but it was rained off. The decking needs painting which can't be done in the rain so fingers crossed we can get this done soon and have a garden we can enjoy for a few weeks if the sun does eventually come out.

It is safe to say reading this post my July didn't really go to plan however, I have learnt a lot from the month overall and I am more determined than ever to get as many goals ticked off as complete in August. Check back tomorrow to see the post outlining those goals and a bit of a new format to the post.

Now let's try have a much more productive month.

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