August 2023 favourites

I am not quite sure where this year is going at all, we seem to blinking and another month has passed us by. August was a bit of a mixture of a month and even though I had days of doing nothing I don't really feel as though I have had the chance to switch off and relax which I think I am definitely in need of at the moment. The month of August has definitely been a good one though and thanks to the things that have taken place I have discovered some new favourites alongside rediscovering old favourites. So here are my overall favourites from August 2023...


Alternating the clothing I wear

For so long I was stuck in a rut of just picking the same clothing items out each day out of convenience. I was throwing any old item on and hoping the combinations worked, I wasn't getting the wear out of some of my favourite pieces and I was getting bored. In August though I made a bit more effort when it came to getting ready and I actually started wearing clothing I forgot I owned as it has been so long since I last wore them pieces. It has been really nice rediscovering old pieces but it has also shown me just how much I need to declutter my wardrobe. 


 A nice break with family

In August I left the dog and Liam at home and headed off for a week away with my parents, sister and nephew. This was a brilliant week down in Devon with a lack of signal and plenty of fun days out. The highlight though definitely has to be the 2 days we spent at Crealy's theme park as it is the home to Sootyland and I spent 2 days reliving my childhood and even got a picture with Sooty. Overall though it was just a fantastic week and I have realised just how much I love being by the sea.


Changing around the spare room

The spare room is doubling up as an office for me these days and it has become a bit of a dumping ground so that plan was to get the whole area deep cleaned & decluttered to make it a much better environment for me to work in. Well I finally got this done towards the end of the month and I can honestly say I am really glad I got this done. The whole space just looks so much bigger and more inviting so spending time in there is now a nice cosy experience rather than a stressful one.

Health & fitness

Being more mindful 

My fitness and weight loss just isn't going too well at the moment so I have put it on pause a little bit however, I haven't completely stopped it. Just to give myself a bit of a break I stopped counting my calories in August and opted for a more mindful approach when it came to picking meals. It seemed to help me too as I have seen a change on the scales at long last and has just helped me go back into things with a better mindset.

So there you have it those are my favourites from August. What are your favourites from August 2023? 

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