July 2023 Favourites

How is July over with already? It really is going to be Christmas before we know it. Honestly though this month seems to have been one of the fastest yet this year and there has been plenty going on, with days out, content being created just to name a few of the things that have kept me busy. It might have been a very busy month but it has been a great month and I have had the chance to discover some new favourite things whilst rediscovering old favourites. So here is what made the cut for this months favourites post...


Changing up the footwear

July has been a month where I have made sure not to wear my beat up Air Forces every single day. My Air Force have seen better days now and I have got so many other pairs of footwear that suit outfits better so I have been making sure to wear those pieces rather than relying on the old faithful Nike's. It has been really nice to switch up what I am wearing though as it has shown me that other pairs work loads better with different outfits and that a few are actually comfier than I expected them to be. I am really hoping that I can keep this up all summer as I want to make sure I am rotating my footwear much more and getting wear out of pairs I have had for years but neglected.


Football is back

If you have read the blog for a while now you will know just how much I love the football and it is safe to say I hate the end of season as I can't cope without the football for too long. I have absolutely loved July though as it has had preseason games for myself and the Women's World Cup finally begun meaning that towards the end of July there was basically some form of football everyday which is absolutely perfect me. The countdown is now on for the new seasons starting but at least we got our football fix in July as June was boring without it.


Cosy living room vibes

We have spent a lot of time in the living room throughout July. This is because it is more or less the only place the dog settles but it is also due to the fact we have a little bit more time at home which is a very rare occurrence for us in all honesty. I have loved just being wrapped up under the blanket, yes it is July and I am having to use a blanket what is going on? But it has been great as we have simply had any old rubbish on the TV and we have had the dog snuggling up to us too which has made things even better. If this is what autumn and winter is going to be like for us I really can't wait.

Health & fitness

Making Changes

My favourite thing health and fitness wise in July is 100% making changes. In all honesty I was stuck in a rut and I felt like there was no change in my weight loss journey and rather than going forwards I was constantly going backwards. It was really starting to get me down so I change the unit I weigh in and added some different thing into my routine and I can happily say I finally feel like I have motivation again and like the journey might pick back up at long last. I just hope these changes continue into August and I feel like I can continue making progress again. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from July. What are your favourites from July 2023? 

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