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That budget I am trying to stick to these days, well lets just say it isn't really going to plan lately and I am still stuck in the habit of spending money for the sake of it. After uploading all the images for this post and just seeing the amount of random items I have purchased over the past few months (yes it is another combined post with both July & August's new in purchases) has shown me I really do need to get my priority's in order especially with everything that I want to achieve over the remainder of the year. When I say there are some random purchases on this list I really mean it and to be honest looking back I could have done without getting them however, the damage is done now and here is what I picked up over the course of July & August...

Oh look random purchase number one but this one was only £1 so I can't complain too much. I am determined to start saving money and I am stick of my wallet over flowing with change every time I head out so I got this money box to throw all my change into at the end of each week. The good thing with this tin is that I can't open it so I am looking forward to seeing just how much I save by the time the tin is full.

I thought I had stopped buying Euro related items but I finally managed to get my hands on the winners Top Trumps, did I need them? Probably not but I am glad I have got them as just like every other Euro item I have it is all showing the history makers and is a nice addition to the memory box to remember that best summer ever. Now I just need to keep them out of the dog & nephews reach so they don't get destroyed.

This item is possibly the most random on the whole list however, I got a scratch off map for my birthday last year and still haven't used it due to not having a way to properly display it. In the end I found this frame in Ikea which you slot the poster into and there is no glass, which means it will be a lot easier for me to scratch off the places I go as I don't have to keep taking it out of a frame to put it back in. I can't wait to get this hung up and start scratching off the football stadiums I have been to, it was going to wait until I got the spare room redecorated but I don't think it can wait that long now.

I don't even remember the last time I turned the Xbox on but yet I am still buying games for it. I said I wasn't going to buy anymore but when I saw this absolute bargain I couldn't resist. I found an old F1 game in Asda for only £1 so caved and picked it up. I never used to like racing games but lately I have started to get into them so I might as well give an F1 game a chance for the price it was. I really do need to get back to gaming soon though.

Now this purchase was definitely an impulse one however, I couldn't resist. I absolutely love Quaxly from the new Pokemon games so when my local Smyth's Toys had it in stock it came home with me instantly. The Pokemon plush collection is coming along nicely however, I think it needs to come to a stop soon as we are running out of space. 

I really got pulled into this purchase by some great marketing from Lush. I definitely didn't need a Spongebob bath bomb but walking past the display I couldn't resist. The recent releases from Lush have been great and I ended up getting my nephew a bath bomb from the Spongebob range too, I haven't shopped there in a while but think I will be calling in a bit more often after picking up these.

My hair has grown a lot lately and I am having to start doing more with it, I can no longer just run a brush through my hair I actually have to spend more than 5 minutes on it. As I know I am going to be using heat on it more often I picked up some heat protect spray for when I do so. This was only £3 on offer but had some good reviews so let's hope it does the trick.

My current shampoo & conditioner is on its way out and I am quite glad as I am getting a little sick of it now. I have decided to change things up a bit and go for something totally different. My sister recently got this brand and absolutely loves it so I thought I would give it a try myself, fingers crossed that it works as well for me as it does for her.   

I have said for ages I wanted to upgrade my skincare as my skin is in terrible condition at the moment. I kept putting it off though as I couldn't find anything that I wanted to try however, I came across these Boots own brand Vitamin C ones thanks to some Instagram reels and I am so glad I found them. These were relatively inexpensive too but are doing a great job already, I can easily say this is going to be something I repurchase over and over again.

This purchase definitely made me feel old but it is something that was needed. One job I hate is ironing and I put it off at all costs but I know I need to start doing it now as the types of clothing I am buying lately definitely needs it. I ended up picking up this garment steamer in hopes that it will help me out as I wont need to bring an ironing board out every time. This might just make the whole process easier and I finally won't be wandering round in creased clothes when I don't need to be.

My old knee brace wasn't cutting it for me anymore so with the new season starting anytime now I decided it was time for an upgrade. I got these ones for £12.99 for a pack of 2 on Amazon after a lot of recommendations and I am impressed. I have tried them a few times since getting them and they are doing a lot better than my old brace. I think these are really going to help me over the course of the season. 

I went away in August and I knew I needed some plain white footwear for some outfits I had in mind but I couldn't find any at a reasonable price that would go with the clothing I was taking. In the end I picked up these slip on shoes from Primark for just £3 and they actually worked well with the outfits I took away. These are just like Vans and honestly they have made me want to get back into buying slip on Vans, something I used to wear all the time.

Whilst in Primark I caved and picked up even more sliders, did I need them? Definitely not but I couldn't resist. As I am a huge football fan lets just say that I have a lot of PSG items in my collection already and these just stood right out to me. I managed to get these in the summer sale and I am impressed as they are nice and comfortable. Now I just want to add some Manchester United ones to the collection after getting these.

My style is all over the place at the moment but that is a topic for another day as I have a bit to say about that topic. I had been wanting some linen trousers for a long time so when Tesco had 25% of their clothing I caved and finally got a pair which surprisingly fit really well. These are a great addition to the wardrobe and it is just a shame the weather hasn't been the best lately so I haven't had chance to wear them as much as I would have liked.

Whilst Tesco had their offer on I also ended up picking up this 2 pack of vest tops which again thanks to the weather I haven't had the chance to wear. I only ever get vest tops in black, white or grey so these two colours definitely change things up for my usual outfits and I just hope I can get wearing them before they no longer fit me.

Me and my nephew are loving Spongebob at the moment and Primark have had some great Spongebob items in the men's section lately. This t-shirt was £6 and I absolutely love it as the design is definitely crazy and out there making it nice and different. I think this is going to be a perfect layering top for the colder months as the crazy print would look great under a nice casual shirt I think, but I will have to play around with those ideas I think.

I am not sure what has made this happen but lately I have become hooked on band tees, as you will see over the course of the next few items. I have found that Primark are the best place at the moment for band tees as they have a pretty big selection to pick from. I couldn't resist this Nirvana one for £12 and by getting this I definitely set off a trend for Primark purchases.

I absolutely loved this Tupac t-shirt as soon as I saw it and again it is another Primark purchase. I have already worn this a few times and I have to say I love it when it is on. It is nice and soft and provides a comfortable fit, even when this gets a bit too big I think it will still look great. This will be perfect for some of those autumn outfits I have in mind and I am looking forward to piecing them together.

Oh look another band tee, although this one isn't actually from Primark and it is actually from HMV of all places, this was only £3.99 and takes me back to those teenage years where I would have All Time Low playing far too much. Again this is a perfect addition for my autumnal wardrobe.

Oh look for the final band tee in this post we are back to Primark with one of my favourites. I don't think I even considered questioning if I needed this Guns N' Roses t-shirt or not, I walked over picked it up and headed over to pay instantly. This t-shirt is definitely going to become one of my most worn for the autumn weather as underneath a checked shirt this is going to look perfect.

For our holiday me, my nephew and my dad all got matching shirts for one of the nights. The matching shirt thing has become a bit of a tradition for me & the nephew so we thought we would get my dad involved this time and this one from Primark ticked all the boxes. This worked just as I wished with some of the other items in my wardrobe and I am so glad I picked it up. Now I am just hoping it still fits next summer.

I think it is safe to say me and the nephew like to match and with us going away when the World Cup was on I had to get us these match pj's for our holiday. The best part about this though is that a small donation from each purchase went to the Miss Kick foundation, a foundation I fully support due to their work for the women's football. Plus they are super comfortable pj's which are an added bonus.

I have done well and haven't gone overboard with the football shirts I have bought these past few months which I honestly thought I would end up doing as I have fallen in love with a lot of shirts for this season. In the end though I have settled for just picking up this seasons Bradford City home shirt. Not many people have said they like this one but I have to say I love it.

I actually ended up getting this from football and I absolutely love it. You really can't beat a good 1/4 zip top and this one looks really smart. It is actually one that I was on the fence about getting all season as it looked great in the women's training pics. Now that I have one of my own I really can't wait to get wearing it although it is a little bit tight for the time being.

I did my first Park Run this year and I have said I want to start going to them more often however, I realised after my first that I just didn't have the right footwear for it. When we recently went to the Nike outlet I found these trail shoes for £45 and couldn't resist as I love the colour and the fact they are trail shoes means they might be a bit more suitable. 

I am hoping that Septembers new in post will be a lot shorter as I am determined to stick to my budget throughout the month plus I usually spend less money in my birthday month any way so lets hope that trend continues. For now though it is time to get some use out of these purchases so I feel less like I have wasted money, I know I can't wait to head on those Park Runs in those new trainers.

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