Did my August 2023 goals go to plan?

Where has August gone? It has gone by in the blink of an eye and let's just say it hasn't been half as productive as I had hoped. I was really hoping that with August been my last month before being back playing football or going to watch the women's game that I could make it really productive and absolutely fly through jobs and get a head start on what are bound to be busy months that are coming up. It definitely didn't work out that way though and I actually had a pretty busy month which unfortunately meant that things didn't go to plan and a fair few of these goals didn't happen. Here is a break down of the goals though and if they went to plan or not.


Sort my footwear out

Oh look the first goal from the month and it hasn't gone to plan at all. The footwear area is still an absolute mess and it is now hard to find a pair at all. This really needs to be sorted ASAP though as it is really stressing me out as it is the first area you see when you leave the living room and it just looks a mess. Plus it has meant that finding different footwear for with different outfits has been a bit difficult so I have been sticking to the same pairs as per usual.

Limit the amount of football shirts bought

I actually managed to stick to this one and I am quite surprised that I did as a lot of clubs have brought out shirts I absolutely love. In the end I only bought the new Bradford City home shirt as I am trying to save some money before buying any others as the Manchester United ones in particular are going to be close to £100 each which is absolutely ridiculous.

No Air Force Daily

The second goal I actually managed to complete and I am so glad that I did complete it as I was definitely getting sick of wearing the Air Force daily but kept on picking them as it was convenient for me. They were always there in a morning to quickly grab and put on and the fact they are all white meant they went with any outfit I wore. It has definitely been nice wearing different footwear for a change and I am really hoping I can keep this up. 

Declutter the wardrobe

Oh look another month and another report of the wardrobe not being decluttered yet. I am trying my best and I am slowly getting around to this task but as we have been emptying the wash baskets I have just been overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I actually have. This is looking more like a full day job with the amount of clothing I have but I am determined to get it done ASAP.

Buy new white trainers

There was a bit of reasoning for why this one didn't get done and I am actually pleased that I haven't purchased them as it means I have stuck to my guns. I didn't want to buy more Air Force as I am a bit sick of them these days and wanted something a bit smarter however, with the cost these days I want to make sure I am getting a pair I am going to love and wear rather than wasting money. No pairs jumped out at me specifically in August so the search continues.


Lose 4lbs

For the first time in a long time I have actually seen the scales drop however, it wasn't the optimistic amount of 4lb like I hoped for. This was always going to be a challenge as I had a concert and a weeks holiday in August so I am not disappointed that I didn't achieve this as even the 1lb I did end up losing is better than nothing. I will just keep pushing on to try lose 1lb a week from now on.

Buy some new running shoes

I am enjoying saying that I have completed goals as it has been a long time since I have been able to say so much has been done. I had been on the hunt for running shoes for when I finally get into the park runs a bit more frequently and luckily a trip to our local outlet stores led to me finding the perfect pair. I got some gorgeous maroon Nike trail shoes and I can't wait to get wearing them, they were a bargain at £45 too.

Back to daily long walks

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get back on walks being as long as I hoped due to other things taking over, I am doing about an hour a day with the dog however, I would love to push to go a bit further either with or without him. I feel so much better after going on walks so I definitely want to start doing them more often.

3 boxing session throughout the month

We have gone from a goal being completed to one being failed miserably. There have been a fair few reasons why I haven't been boxing but I have to say I am really missing it and can't wait to get back and hit the ground running in September as I know just how much I benefit from these sessions, this time life isn't going to be getting in the way and I will be back to smashing those sessions sooner rather than later.

5 workouts a week

I was definitely very optimistic with this one so in all honesty I never really expected it to happen. I was lucky to have even one workout done each week but that was still an improvement on July so I can't complain really. Maybe one day I will be back to working out 5 times a week but for now I am happy with one or two a week.


Make progress on the home gym

Well this has been a no go yet again and I am getting a bit frustrated to be honest as I just want the gym space to be able to head into. We have got as far as coming up with a plan for the structure and getting prices for the wood but that is it. I am really doubting that this will get done this year now which I am not too happy with but I guess only time will tell.

Sort the bottom of the stairs

As I mentioned with the sorting the footwear out post unfortunately this one hasn't gone to plan and I am frustrated about this as the whole area looks an absolute mess which brings my mood down. I am determined though that this is going to be sorted out ASAP as I want to be able to find the items I am looking for easily. Getting this area done is now a priority for me as it is going to be a breath of fresh air once it is done.

Sort the bathroom shelves 

I set out with every intention on an evening to get the bathroom shelves cleared out and reorganized then I get home from work and am absolutely drained so once again this hasn't been done. The shelves are an absolute nightmare now though so lets hope that I get them sorted at long last and can see exactly what products I have.

10 no spend days

I managed to do a few no spend days but it definitely wasn't anywhere near the 10 days I had hoped as there always seemed to be something crop up for me to spend on. I am proud of myself for having a few no spend days but I definitely want to improve on the amount I had and see those savings start to creep up.

Start Christmas shopping

I didn't only manage to get started on Christmas shopping, I actually managed to get everything I wanted for my sister which was a bit of a shock as she is usually the hardest to buy for. I got her finished and started on a few other family members so who knows I might actually have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of November like I am hoping for. 


Wish list on Instagram weekly

This one was certainly a fail as I didn't get a single wish list created. I am really hoping to change this around in September though by being a lot more prepared so that on a Sunday afternoon I can just upload the correct story slides and get on with my day. I have plenty of ideas for these wish lists and I am really looking forward to getting around to posting them as it will showcase the direction I am heading in. 

Post on Instagram 20 times

I definitely didn't do this as I didn't get around to batch creating content like I hoped to. Plus the lack of signal on holiday made it difficult to post but it was a nice break and I am now more prepared for the upcoming month. I used the break to re-evaluate the way I want to take my social media accounts so let's hope those ideas I have help me post more from September.

Switch off and enjoy my holiday

Now this one I definitely manged to do and I am so glad I did as I had an absolutely fantastic week filled with loads of fun activities. We went to a theme park twice, the beach, a circus and just having time away from my phone and with my nephew instead was great. I definitely need to learn to switch off a bit more often than I have been doing so lets see if I can start putting that into practice more often. 

Save some money for projects I am working on

I guess I kind of did this but spent it all on one of the items straight away. I needed a printer for one of my projects so as soon as I had enough to go get one I went out and got it rather than hanging around and putting off launching the project. I am now working on adding some more money to the savings for a few of those more expensive items I want to pick up.

Sort the tech bag out

I guess I can say I kind of completed this one as I did empty it and only put back in certain items however, I still need to properly organise it so that I can find things easier and finally stop losing those memory cards which is happening far too often lately.

So there we go that is how August's goals went and it is safe to say it was a bit of a mixed bag. Now though it is time to shift the focus to September which has the potential to be a great month. Check back tomorrow to see what my September goals are.

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