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Here we go again with the goals post, it feels like only two minutes ago I was writing my July goals but here we are now sitting down to write about what I am hoping to achieve throughout the month of August. The month will no doubt be a busy one due to the school holidays as I will be making sure to spend plenty of time with my nephew before he starts school in September. I even have a weeks holiday booked which again I am looking forward to as it is a week with family, although Liam & the dog will be staying home and no doubt I will miss them two quite a bit whilst I am away. July really didn't go to plan so I am determined to make the most of August and get through as many jobs as I can to make it a super productive month although the football is back in August so that will be my weekends getting a bit busier once more. Anyway here are the goals I have set myself broken down into specific areas, let's hope we see plenty of goals smashed by the end of the month. 


Fashion wise I have a fair few goals I want to get done that are going to make my life so much easier but are also going to make sure I am not repeating myself day after day. I want to put more time and effort into getting ready in August and fingers crossed these goals help me do that...

Sort my footwear out

You will have seen this in my July goals post however, it didn't get completed for various reasons. I am determined to change this in August though and I am planning on setting aside a few evenings after work one week to make sure I get this done. By doing this I will be able to see exactly what footwear I own and what will work best with the outfit I am in that day. This will make getting ready on a morning so much easier as my options won't be hidden and I will know exactly where everything is.

Limit the amount of football shirts bought

This time of year is always difficult for me when it comes to saving money as the new football season means new shirts to purchase. I am trying to really reign in this year just how many I buy so that I can build up the savings accounts as I wish. I am hoping to pick up 1 more shirt in August but then ask for others as birthday or Christmas gifts so I don't go overboard because it is safe to say shirts aren't cheap these days and one or two start to add up especially when you want the women's names on the back so people know it is the women's team you are supporting.

No Air Force Daily

This goal is definitely going to be a lot easier if I get the sort out my footwear goal ticked off as I will have those options easily accessible rather than having to search for them daily. I am so lazy in a morning at the moment and end up just reaching for my Air Force every single day however, they are now really beat up and don't look good at all so the plan is to save these for dog walks and actually start mixing up the footwear I wear to go better with the outfits I plan to wear daily. This will just help my outfits look more thought out and will hopefully help me get more wear out of those other pairs that are sat gathering dust. 

Declutter the wardrobe

Oh look this goal is back once again, I honestly think this goal has been around every month this year so far and it is safe to say I am 100% determined that this is going to be off the list by the end of August. I just need to set aside a day to get through this and have it decluttered once and for all. I have clothes that no longer fit my style and others that now hang off me which makes getting ready an absolute nightmare. Once this is done it will be like a weight has been lifted so let's get a Saturday or Sunday sorted out to dedicate the day to getting this done.

Buy new white trainers

As I said earlier my Air Force are now looking a bit too beaten up so it is time to buy a new pair however, I am not buying Air Force this time. They are just becoming a bit to expensive and I am wanting a bit of a smarter silhouette to go with the style I am aiming for. I don't want to rush into making a decision on the pair I buy though as I want to make sure I am getting a pair that will suit the style well whilst also last a long time even if I wear them a lot. Price is going to be a factor too as I don't want to pay more than £80 for a pair if I can help it.


July was a bit of a rough month in the fitness side of my life and things really didn't go to plan however, the month taught me plenty of lessons and I am now ready to get back into my fitness journey with my head screwed on and a little bit more of a plan in mind with what to aim for. I might have a busy August coming up but I know what I need to do to get back on track and here are my goals for the month...

Lose 4lbs

I would honestly love to report back at the end of the month saying I have absolutely smashed this goal but to me 4lbs is definitely realistic for the month I have approaching. I have a concert and a holiday in this month so things might get a bit hectic. I am going to be sure to give it my all though and 4lbs is a very good target for the month ahead. 

Buy some new running shoes

In July I did my first Parkrun and absolutely loved it so I am hoping to get a few more done over the course of the year. The run I did was a wet one though and my footwear really wasn't suitable for the ground underneath. I am on the hunt for a pair of trail shoes to help me with these runs and any other runs on uneven ground I have coming up in the future. These will be essential for helping me on my running journey and helping prevent injury in the short & long term.

Back to daily long walks

Mentally I have been all over the place in all honesty so I am determined that in August I am getting back to getting outdoors and into the fresh air a lot more. I always feel fantastic when I do this so I need to get back into the habit of going out walking a further distance and just moving more. This will help so much mentally as well as with my weight loss journey so fingers crossed that I can get out much more and just get those steps up.

3 boxing session throughout the month

I haven't been to boxing for a while now and to be honest I am really missing it as that hour a week is my escpae from the phone and real world and I can just put a shift in and feel fantastic after the session. I know that these sessions really help me with my weight loss journey too so 3 sessions throughout the month should really help me work towards that 4lb loss goal.

5 workouts a week

Like I said earlier in the post July really wasn't my month in terms of my fitness journey and some weeks I weren't working out at all so I am determined that August is going to be the complete opposite and I am determined to get 5 workouts done each week to really help me along with my goals. I want to mix these workouts up too so it is likely to be one football, one boxing, one run and two weights sessions. But I guess we will see how it goes with this one to see if it goes to plan or not, I am really hoping this one goes to plan and I can push towards that 4lb loss with these workouts.


So we have done the fashion and fitness goals so now it is onto the life goals, this is a mix of financial goals and things I am aiming to get done in life in general or home wise. In terms of the house there are a few things I really want to get done this month but I also want to make sure I am putting money into savings which is something I haven't managed to do for a while now. So here are those life goals I am setting myself for August...

Make progress on the home gym

I was hoping that by now we would have made a fair bit of progress on the home gym by now however, we haven't even got started in the grand scheme of things which is pretty annoying but again the weather has played a big factor in this. I am really hoping that by the end of August I can happily report that the base has been done and we will have made a start on building the structure. If we can fully have the structure in place by the end of the month that would be perfect however, even just to have started on this will be a lot of progress. Who knows it might be complete by the end of the year.

Sort the bottom of the stairs

Oh look another goal from July that has ended up on my August goals list too. The bottom of the stairs is an absolute nightmare and it is so hard to find anything so just lie with sorting the footwear out I am planning on setting aside a few evenings one week to get this done. Once this area is sorted it will be a lot less of a death trap and we will actually be able to find things a whole lot easier than we currently can. This will definitely make life a whole lot easier.

Sort the bathroom shelves 

This is another goal that seems to have been around forever but I am 100% sure that this month is going to be the month those bathroom shelves finally get cleared and any old out of date products are gone once and for all. The shelves are a nightmare at the moment and things are hard to find so let's hope this gets done and I can finally stop wasting money on products I already have plenty of. Again getting this done at long last will help so much in the long run.

10 no spend days

I am sick of not having any money left at the end of each month and I am determined to change that this time around by putting steps in place to ensure I am not spending money for the sake of it. I am hoping that throughout August I can have 10 no spend days where I don't give in to temptation and actually save money rather than wasting it. I would love to be able to do a full no spend month in the future but for now this is a starting point and will hopefully help me develop a healthier money mindset.

Start Christmas shopping

Some people might believe it is a bit too early to be starting the Christmas shopping but honestly this year I want a much slower paced festive period which doesn't involve rushing around trying to finish the shopping off last minute. By starting now I should have more money available too by the time the festive period rolls around meaning I can go out if I want to without worrying about the pennies. The budget is in place for the gifts, ideas have been made note of and I am so ready to get a chunk of this shopping done and get ahead of myself this year.


I have seriously been slacking with the blog and social media content across all my sites for a variety of reasons however, I am really hoping that August is a month where I can turn things around and make some very good progress on all fronts for a change. So here are the goals I have set myself to help me do this...

Wish list on Instagram weekly

There was a time when I was getting these up weekly on the Instagram account but then life got busier and I stopped doing them. I am really hoping to get back into the routine of doing these for the rest of the year though and I know that if I plan ahead I will have no issues in getting the out there every Sunday like I originally did. Hopefully the goal of doing this every Sunday in August will help me continue this throughout the rest of the year too. Now it is time to work out which ideas to post this month.

Post on Instagram 20 times

Instagram is something I have been seriously slacking with recently and I really want to get posting on my main feed a whole lot more so I am setting myself a challenge to post 20 times across the month of August. I am wanting this to be a mixture of photos, carousels and reels, just to mix things up a little bit and keep things more fun to create. I have plenty of ideas to work with so fingers crossed it all goes to plan and I see a bit of growth on the platform too which is something that hasn't happened in a long time.

Switch off and enjoy my holiday

I go away in the middle of the month and I can't wait as it is going to be a much needed break. I know I am aiming to post on Instagram daily etc but at the same time I am wanting to switch off so content will be being scheduled so I can enjoy my time away without content being at the front of my mind. This holiday is definitely coming at the right time and if all goes to plan I am looking forward to coming back super refreshed and hit the ground running. There is also a lack of signal where we are heading too which should help with this one.

Save some money for projects I am working on

I have a few things I am currently working on however, unfortunately as with everything these days the costs of the items I want for these projects has increased which means I will be waiting around a little bit longer to make the purchases. I am determined that in August though I will make a start on saving up for some of these projects so fingers crossed it all goes to plan and a start is made. 

Sort the tech bag out

I am so sick of losing items left right and centre. I have lost track of how many memory cards and charging leads I have lost lately but that is going to change this month as I am going to make sure that I have a few hours where I can find all the items I need and get them all organised into my little tech bag. This will just make creating content a whole lot easier and also ensure I know exactly where everything is for a change. This will also mean my office looks a little bit tidier too which I can't wait for. 

Let's hope that August is a much better month than July was and we suddenly stat to see progress in all areas of my life which is much needed. I have a good feeling about August and think it could be the start of a bit of a change for me so let's hope it all goes to plan and by the end of the month I am reporting that nearly all these are complete. 

Now bring on August and whatever it has to offer...

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