What I wear for boxing


I can't believe just how long I have been going boxing for now. I never thought I would happily go to a group exercise class and I have even pushed myself and gone alone when my sister hasn't been able to make it which is way out of my comfort zone. One thing I was worried about when I was starting was my size, was I going to be the biggest in the class, would I feel comfortable and would I look out of place as it was a women's only class and I don't dress like your typical female gym goer. After a few weeks though these worries settled down as I got more comfortable in the class and since starting I seem to have a go to outfit or outfit combination that works well for me. I feel good in it and I don't feel like I am being judged in the class at all. So here is what I typically wear for my weekly boxing session... 

First up we have my trusty Gymshark shorts which are now way too big for me so I have to pull the drawstring as tight as possible to try stop these from falling down, I really do need to invest in a new pair of these in a size smaller than I currently have. These shorts are perfect as they aren't tight fitting on the legs like some of the other shorts I have meaning I can easily move around throughout the full class whether we are doing the fitness section or the boxing section of the class I am not restricted and they are comfortable for the full session no chaffing and no clinging to me which is perfect as I definitely work up a sweat throughout the hour of the class. 

I tend to team the Gymshark shorts up with one of my many Gymshark t-shirts which again are getting a bit big for me and I am going to need to replace sooner rather than later.However, the fact they are a little baggy at the moment actually helps me as I don't feel like they are clinging to my skin showing off all my fat rolls which some other t-shirts do. These t-shirts are great for the sessions though as again the don't cling to my arms or body so I aren't restricted like I get in some other t-shirts where the arms are tight. They don't ride up with movement either and are a bit longer than other t-shirts so I am fully covered at all times which is always handy as it is hard to readjust a t-shirt with boxing gloves on. 

On my feet I stick to one brand currently... Under Armour. I didn't think I would enjoy this brand as much as I do but the sneakers I wear are good enough for the fitness side of things as well as the boxing side although as time goes on I am tempted to pick up some different sneakers which might provide me with a bit more stability especially for the boxing side of things as some sessions do leave my ankles hurting a bit. I always wear my Under Armour socks to the sessions too as they blend in nicely with the sneakers but they also have a bit more cushioning on the arch which some other brands of sport socks lack, these just give a bit more added comfort. 

With boxing being in a really old building it is still often cold inside even when it is nice outside so I sometimes add a 1/4 zip top just for a bit of extra warmth which is sometimes needed. My go to 1/4 zip lately has been my Boohoo Man Active one as it is perfect in length and the fit on my arms so again I aren't restricted and can easily where this long sleeved top with my gloves on with no issues. When it is cold I will also through on my Jordan tracksuit bottoms as I hate when my legs get cold. These tracksuit bottoms are perfect for the sessions as they don't cling to my legs and don't ride up at the leg every two minutes like some other pairs I own do. 

When it comes to boxing on a Wednesday night I always make sure I have my Apple Watch on and that it has plenty of charge as I love seeing just how hard I work each week and seeing if I can really push myself, I know these aren't completely accurate with the calories but seeing a decent number burnt each week really does give you more motivation than you expect, surprisingly I have no issues having this on under my gloves either. Of course you can't box without gloves and although the class provides gloves I decided to pick up my own pair that fit me well and I can have at home with me which comes in super handy as I have a punch bag of my own at home now. Currently I have the Everlast 12oz Elite Training gloves which fit me really well and the support on the wrist is a great addition as my wrist feel a bit safer in the gloves compared to when I have tried my sisters on, these were just a cheap pair to get me started but now I know I am sticking to going I might have to pick up a nicer looking pair. Me and my sister also share a pair of Everlast mitts as we partner up so we just switch who is using them, surprisingly even these are pretty comfortable too and fit well even with the force of my sisters hooks. 

Finally I picked up some cheap padded hand wraps from Beast Mode on Amazon just to provide my hands with some protection if we use the punch bag without gloves on (which we have done a few times in the past) they also just provide that bit of extra protection under my gloves too and I feel I put a bit more power into my shots when I have these on.

I have a whole post about boxing as it has been almost a year since I joined coming up very soon where I will go into more detail about the class and my confidence etc but I can honestly say joining is the best thing I have done as everyone there is fantastic and each class is a great challenge and the class overall is helping me in ways I never thought were possible. Now I just need to restock the gym wardrobe to some more boxing appropriate clothing as a few items are getting a bit big now and I really fancy some new gloves. 

Can you recommend any good quality boxing gloves? 

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