June 2022 Favourites

Well June has gone by in the blink of an eye but I guess I shouldn't have expected any different as the rest of the year has done exactly the same. This year is really flying by and honestly I am going to put it out there and say that June has been my favourite month so far, there has been plenty going on, the build up to the Euros was well and truly on the way and overall it was just a fantastic month. Here is what made the cut for this months favourites post...



The weather definitely got much better throughout June and thanks to that being the case I ended up wearing my shorts for 90% of the month and I am so glad I did as I have found a new favourite pair... my cargo ones. I love wearing shorts so I am glad I could do it more than usual in June, even when we went away I wore shorts more or less daily even when it was still quite cold, in fact I packed more shorts than anything else as I am much more comfortable in them. 


Holiday time

After what seems like forever we finally headed off for a staycation with my family up in Northumberland and it was much needed as it came at the perfect time. The trip helped me clear my head and come back nice and refreshed to smash my goals for the remainder of the year both in terms of blogging and my fitness journey. Since coming back I have been much more productive and I am loving it.


Spare Room

The spare room is now a little office area for me and I am absolutely loving it. This is just a space that I can take myself off to on an evening or on a weekend and just blog away with no distractions. It has definitely helped me be more productive and very soon it will be even better as we add the finishing football touches ie signed shirt and footballs to the wall. I am so glad I changed the use of the room as it is more beneficial now and I am getting so much more use out of the space.

Health & fitness

Measurements Changing

I honestly didn't think much would cut it fitness wise this month as I haven't felt like I have made progress all but then on my final check in we found out my waist has gone down 4 cm's which is quite crazy as I didn't expect it at all. 4 cm is definitely a big change and I am starting to notice it with how clothes are fitting especially my t-shirts. I am excited to see what changes I can make in the next few months too as I have my head screwed on more now and am making some changes to habits.

So there you have it those are my favourites from June. What are your favourites from June 2022? 

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