June 2022 Fitness Update

Well where did June go? I blinked and here we are in July. June was a nice easy month in comparison to what is coming up so I really enjoyed building myself a new routine that is going to help keep that consistency when life gets busy again which is happened a lot sooner than I expected. June even involved a holiday where I still managed to smash my goals and enjoy myself whilst still making progress. So here is how my goals went for June... 

Get into the 14 stone bracket
Unfortunately this one didn't happen and I am still quite a way off from it but I am determined to get there in July or at least as close to it as possible. I think my new routine will really help me achieve this but June was a month of trail & error but at least I didn't gain enough to make this happening in July even more unrealistic. 

Workout 4 times a week
I didn't do this for the first half of the month just due to going on holiday and then trying to get back into some form of routine but towards the end of month I really got my routine nailed and got very close to achieving this one. Have a look at July's goals to see how I am determined to go one better.

Add more fruit into my diet
This one didn't happen due to pure laziness I was more focused on nailing other parts of my routine that I didn't change my diet too much but I am looking back now wondering what sort of results I would have got if I had actually done this.

Continue with minimum 2 ltrs of water a day
I absolutely smashed this one and managed the minimum of 2 ltrs a day every single day even whilst I was on holiday. I am really proud of myself for managing this and honestly I am enjoying this and having it as a constant part of my daily routine. 

Try 1 new form of exercise
This is another one I didn't tick off due to me focusing on other areas of the routine but I aren't too made as I just enjoyed getting my usual scheduled workouts done rather than trying anything new. I think this one might be tried again in a few months though as I have a few ideas in mind.

So here is how June looked on the scales...

Beginning of June weight: 15 stone 5 lb 

End of June weight : 15 stone 6 lb

Total loss for the month : + 1 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in July ...

Get into the 14 stone bracket
Workout 5 times a week
Stay consistent even whilst busy 
Work on my push up goal
Play plenty of football

So that is how June went honestly I aren't too bothered about the fact my weight has gone up 1 lb as hopefully that will change massively in July with me finding some new found consistency to my days & routine. With my waist dropping so much too throughout the month I really can't complain. Things are certainly looking good for me and I could very easily end up achieving my year end goals as planned if I continue the way I am, July is going to be a challenging month but it is going to set me up for that future progress.

Total loss for 2022 : - 7 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 10 lb

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