How I am styling my latest high top sneakers

When I found these Adidas sneakers in my local Footlocker a while back I couldn't resist purchasing a pair, especially as they were only £24.99 at the time. When I bought these it has been a while since my last pair of Adidas as the brand just wasn't bringing out anything I liked but these ones ticked the boxes. For years I would always gravitate towards high tops but then I stopped for a while, these ones though go just high enough for my liking and are really comfortable as the back isn't as solid as some other pairs I own. What drew me into these the most though is how they look a bit more of a retro style to what I am used to and with the items I already own in my wardrobe I believed I could create some great outfits with these sneakers and there have been two ways I have enjoyed styling them lately  which I believe helps capture that retro vibe the sneakers give off. So here are those two outfits...

Primark have had some great t-shirts in their men's department for just £2.50 and it is safe to say I have stocked up on items from that area. This t-shirt is one of those that I got for the bargain price of £2.50 and I love it as the red stands out and hasn't faded even after multiple washes already. The simple chest print which says moving forward with a few symbols underneath stands out without getting in your face like some printed t-shirts often do. To say this t-shirt was so cheap it is actually a lot better quality than I expected. To create the retro kind of vibe with these sneakers I have teamed them and the t-shirt up with these light washed denim shorts with a raw hem and I think they look great. These shorts are really comfortable and are nice and baggy on the legs so are quite cool even in the warm weather. I love the raw hem on them too as they just make them a bit different to other pairs of shorts I own and I think that helps give them that bit of a vintage look. This outfit is perfect for the warmer weather we have been having and I can see me getting plenty of wear out of it. It is a pretty budget friendly outfit too which to me makes it even better.

This outfit still keeps those retro vibes in my eyes but is a bit better for the cooler weather that no doubt will be back to stay soon. The t-shirt has stayed the same just like the sneakers have but this time rather than the shorts I have opted for these girlfriend fit jeans I have had in my wardrobe for far too long. These are perfect for the cooler weather as they aren't lung to my skin but at the same time don't look too baggy which in the past has happened with some other jeans in this style. These are a bit of a lighter denim than I am used to as well and I have to say I think this outfit could become one of my most worn in the autumn months when temperatures drop, just add a nice jacket and I will be good to go.  

So there you have it that is how I am styling my Adidas high top sneakers, these sneakers have really reminded me of why I used to love the high tops and I think my next few purchases of sneakers might need to be in the high top style especially as we are going to be heading towards the colder weather soon. 

 How would you style these sneakers?

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