My favourite t-shirts for the summer

I have decided this year I am not as much of a fan of summer as I once thought, the heat this time around has been unbearable for me and I am really suffering. Normally I love summer as it is a chance for me to get plenty of wear out of my printed t-shirts as I don't have to wear a jacket so I can fully show them off. This year though I am just not enjoying picking out t-shirts as I know I might start off cold in the morning but by lunch time I will feel as though I am absolutely baking. In the moments where I have enjoyed getting ready though I have noticed I have gravitated towards certain t-shirt styles and I have even experimented with colours more than I usually would when I have had the motivation to pick a new outfit which is something I really wanted to do this year and the experimenting is paying off as I am finding new favourite styles due to this. As I say I have definitely found a go to rotation of t-shirts for the summer and here are what I am now considering to be my favourite summer t-shirts...

I absolutely love the LA print items that Primark do lately and I will admit I have probably bought far too many of them to say how long they are going to last me with my weight loss at the moment but I couldn't resist this baby blue LA  t-shirt. It was perfect for me experimenting with colours as I hadn't had any like this before and I absolutely love how it looks on me. The fit of this t-shirt is really nice too and it has kept me nice and cool when I have worn it due to it being a little on the oversized side. I can see this being worn a lot for the rest of summer and even being layered in the autumn months. 

I am no stranger to a red t-shirt in fact a lot of my wardrobe is made up of them. I couldn't resist this moving forward one from Primark for just £2.50 as I love the vibrant red colour and the price tag really is a bargain. The white and black print is just big enough so it isn't too in your face and I really like what it says. This is great to pair with my grey jersey shorts for a more relaxed kind of look. This is definitely one of my go to lounging around outfits and I think it could become an all year round outfit.

Oh look another £2.50 Primark t-shirt, it is safe to say this section has been a lifesaver this summer as it has meant I could get new clothing that actually fit and suited my style whilst not breaking the bank as I am losing weight. I fell in love with the prospect t-shirt as soon as I set my eyes on it as I love the box print with the bandanna background. The colours work really well and the light material has meant it has helped me stay cool even when the temperature has got far too high for my liking. This t-shirt looks more expensive than it was and teamed up with my cargo shorts when I go away in a few weeks I think it is going to be a look I will be heading towards early on in the holiday as it is a firm favourite.

I noticed towards the end of spring that I didn't have any grey t-shirts that fit me properly and I knew that was going to become a bit of an issue, especially as I had some shorts that would be best suited for a grey t-shirt pairing. That is why I picked up this grey t-shirt from... you guessed it the £2.50 section in Primark. This is nice and simple with the reasonably sized print on the front and fits really well. This actually helps me create a bit of a smarter casual look when teamed up with my chinos on cooler days or my khaki shorts which are a lot smarter than other shorts I own. Again it is nice and lightweight so doesn't make me feel like I am over heating and I can see it being worn a lot over the next few months and into the new season.

This supreme t-shirt is my go to for the cooler days as it is a much thicker material than the previous t-shirts in this post. The quality is amazing and I love the fit of the t-shirt in general. The Supreme logo is nice and bold in a variety of colours and just makes it stand out. I have found this t-shirt really does become the focal point of my outfit so it is better suited to those all black kind of days and I just love it. I think it is the most expensive t-shirt I own but I already have my eyes on more from the brand. Again this is going to be a favourite in the autumn I think too as it is going to look great layered up.

You can't beat a football shirt in this weather and I certainly have my go to shirt in this Manchester United one. It had been a few years since I purchased a Man Utd shirt but I couldn't resist last seasons as I knew I wanted a new Ronaldo shirt, I usually don't bother with names being printed anymore but with his return I couldn't help getting it done. Football shirts are definitely perfect for this weather as they are a much cooler material and I always resort to this United one as it goes with a lot of my wardrobe and creates the perfect relaxed outfit for me.

An honourable mention definitely has to go to my England shirts too as this summer I have had to be wearing them for the Euros. It really has been a summer of football for me and I have managed to go to a fair few games and the experience has just been absolutely amazing. I love these 2 England shirts and they are honestly my favourites in my collection at the moment. The tournament finishes at the end of July but no doubt these shirts are going to be worn for a long time after. 

So there you go those are my favourite t-shirts for this summer, each one helps create a different style of outfit and honestly to know that most of these are budget t-shirts just makes me feel so much better as for once I haven't gone overboard to create the styles I have wanted to create which is always handy more so now I am on this weight loss journey because who knows how long they will fit me for at the end of the day. My favourites have to be the England shirts though as I could happily live in those 24/7.

What would be your favourite summer t-shirt out of this post?

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