The places I would love to go for a run


I am determined to really get into running some point soon, I just need life to quieten down a bit as at the moment I have barely had any time at home let alone anytime to get out and go for a run, even my regular workouts have suffered a bit due to the lack of time I have had at home. I am hopeful though that life will start to quieten down soon and I will even be able to plan my time better so that I can get back on track with my workouts and finally lace up my running shoes and get on my first run. This has rally got me thinking though about the places I would love to go for a run in the future when my fitness & overall endurance improves. These are places are all going to have different terrains and are going to provide their own little challenges for me and I am hopeful that one day I can tick some of these places off my list. So here are the places I would really love to go for a run once I do find some fitness levels and am a more confident runner... 

Any sea front

I would love to go away and pack my running clothes and just head for a nice little run along the seafront of where I am staying. I wouldn't go as far as running on the sand as my poor knee wouldn't hack it but just along the sea front would be fine for me as I just love being next to the sea and the sea breeze feels great and it is great for just switching off and having a mental break. I aimed to do this on my previous holiday but with rocky terrain I just didn't feel confident enough to do this. Fingers crossed some day soon though I can tick off a nice sea front run.

Salford Quays

I have seen so many people running around the Salford Quays on social media and there are a few reasons why I would love to go for a run around here, one being that I have walked around there and Media City before and it is just a nice calm place at times with some great views. However, the main reason definitely has to be that I could add running by Old Trafford to my route, one of my favourite football stadiums where I could really admire the view and just be in one of my favourite places once more. To be able to run and have such an iconic stadium in view would be fantastic.

Canal Side

This is one I could do much closer to home. There are plenty of canals near us with some great views alongside them. We are quite lucky with where we live and having plenty of options so fingers crossed one day we can actually do some of the routes. I think my first choice would definitely be alongside the Bingley Five Rise Locks as I used to love going here as a kid and seeing others running along the side of the canal. I think this would definitely be one of the first longer and different routes I did once I got more confident in my ability. 

Lake District

The Lake District is somewhere else I used to really enjoy going to but it is somewhere I haven't been to in a long time. There are some amazing walks up in the Lake District and again it isn't too far away from our doorstep so we have no excuse really not to visit more often. With walks being great I would definitely like to give running up there a go but I know the terrain is going to be all over the place so this is definitely going to be one for when I am much better at running and can cover more distance. 


This has always been a place I would love to run around, in fact when I went in 2013 I actually took all my running gear but unfortunately for numerous reasons we never got out on a run. I think this is a bucketlist for a lot of people and it is certainly the top of mine. I know Disney hold events to run Disney aka go around the park and this would be an incredible memory if I could do that one day but even just running around the resort would be an unforgettable opportunity and fingers crossed one day I can do it.

So there you go those are the runs I would really love to go on in the future, I am definitely aiming for a few of these more realistic ones in the very near future but at the same time it is always great to have some long terms goals to aim for and that Disney one is definitely up there as one of the ones I would love to achieve but it could be one that takes a while to save for. 

If you are a runner where would you love to go for a run?

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