My new routine for a work day


I am trying to build healthy habits to help me a long with my health & fitness journey that are also going to help me live a healthier and more productive lifestyle which is something I have wanted to do for a while now more so now that I have realigned my goals for the rest of the year and I know it going to take a lot of hard work to get to the point of achieving them but it is all going to be worth it in the end. My new routine has been taking place for a good few weeks now and I am honestly feeling so much better for creating this for myself and I have noticed a lot of progress in a fair few areas of my life so I can't wait to see how it goes when I have been doing this for months rather than weeks. Here is what my new routine looks like on a week day when I am at work...

I have a new wake up time, it used to be 7.30 am however, now my alarm goes off at 5.30 am and I am ready to get up and crack on with my day. This early start helps me get a whole lot more done in those extra 2 hours and helps my day get off to a great start and saves me some much rushing around on an evening. 

Once I am up it is a case of throwing on my workout clothes that I have out ready from the evening before, once I am dressed I head downstairs take my pre-workout and fill my water bottle up before waiting around 15 minutes for my pre-workout to kick in. Once the 15 minute wait is over I then get stuck into my workout which takes around 1 hour to complete and really sets me up for a good day. Usually these sessions involve the weights however, sometimes I will just opt to do a cardio session but then again it depends what my plan for the week looks like. 

Once the workout is done it is time to jump straight into the shower and get ready for the day, I usually use the last few minutes of the shower to turn the water really cold as I have found that after working out a freezing cold shower does the trick for my body and wakes me up nicely for the rest of the day. Once I am out of the shower I will do my little skincare routine which I am slowly getting used to and it is working wonders for my skin as it has gone terrible lately, it is nice knowing I am finally giving my skin the attention it has been calling for. Once that is done it is time to get dressed for the day, again my clothes are laid out the evening before to help make the process easier and then it is time to do my hair which doesn't take too long to do luckily. The final task of getting ready whilst upstairs is taking my vitamins which I never used to bother with but I am so glad I do now as I feel loads better health wise. 

As soon as the vitamins are taken it is time to head downstairs and have my breakfast, my go to for weeks now has been weetabix protein as it is quick and easy so means I can eat it and still get out of the door on time. Once breakfast is done it is time to pack my lunch into my backpack and grab my 2 ltr water bottle and head out of the door to walk to work. 

Once the working day is done I have the nice steady walk home which doesn't take too long but gives me that much needed fresh air and once I am home it is a case of going upstairs and getting changed into something more comfortable which is usually shorts and a t-shirt, no matter what the weather is like.

It is then time to head into the spare room which is now my little office area, I will set up the laptop and 3 nights a week I will just sit in here and blog away, I used to mix and match which blog I would be working on but these days I just dedicate 1 day to each one and I have found it helps me stay more productive as I don't feel overwhelmed and end up mixing up what I am meant to be doing on each site.

I will usually blog whilst eating my evening meal just to get as much done as possible but sometimes I will also end up having a brief break to eat if I am feeling ahead of schedule but more often than not I just prefer to crack on and get everything done. I usually do this until 8.30 pm then it is time for bed. Once in bed I am trying to get into the habit of not being on my phone so I am trying to read some of my book for 30 minutes before calling it a night and heading off to bed at 9pm so I am getting enough sleep before my next 5.30 am alarm.

I am trying my best to incorporate more movement into my routine so if I am struggling to hit my steps on a particular day we will sometimes head off on a post work walk which is great just for refreshing the mind after a long day at work. The reading is also helping me just reset too which is great and something I should be doing a whole lot more of often. 

This routine is seriously working wonders for me and as I say I am really looking forward to seeing how things are looking in life as I have continued this routine for a while, maybe I will do a check in post on this in a few months to see how things have gone whilst in my new routine. I might even do a post about the differences in my routine on a weekend or day off from work as there are a few differences I have noticed as I have more free hours in the day. 

Are you a fan of an early morning or do you prefer a lie in?

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