Top 10 Songs Making It To My Summer Playlist

One thing I love about the summer months is the amount of time spent outdoors or just lounging around. I tend to listen to a lot more music in the warmer months too as certain songs just really seem to get me in the summer and party mood. Each year I have plenty of new additions to my summer playlist and this year is no different as there have been some great songs released just to get me in that summer mood. I even think these might end up being played in my car too especially if I get my hands free fixed if not I will have to rely on the radio playing them. Music just puts me in a good mood and that is why I am forever making playlists for different occasions, my summer playlist is already pretty big as it has been going for a few years now but here are 10 of my favourite new additions for this year so far...

Don't Play Games - Anne Marie & KSI

I love KSI as a musician as well as a YouTuber so there was no doubt he was going to be on at least one of the 10 songs. As soon as I hear Don't Play Games I end up turning up the volume as it is a really good and catchy song and all the artists on the track work so well together. I am sure there will be plenty more KSI songs been added to the playlist over the next few months too. 

Body - Russ Millions, Tion Wayne

This is a fairly new discovery thanks to my family listening to Kiss whilst in the car and me going out with them a lot more often. I love this song as it is just so catchy and honestly it gets stuck in my head for far too long. I think this could easily be one of my most played songs this year. 

The Business - Tiesto

'Let's get down, Let's get down to business' thanks to my nephew's love for this song I have listened to this song more than I would have previously liked to but thanks to him always wanting to listen to this I have actually grown to like it a lot. I am never normally a Tiesto fan but this song really seems to be an exception. 

Leave The Door Open - Bruno Mars 

I used to absolutely love Bruno Mars but over recent years I drifted away from his music but as soon as I heard Leave the door open I added it to my playlist and have listened to it a lot since. I actually found this song through some Instagram reels and even just the start of the song was catchy enough for me to add it then radio stations played it a lot more and I ended up really loving it so I played it on my Spotify a lot more often and I just can't get enough of it. 

Enough For You - Olivia Rodrigo

I loved High School Musical the series and Olivia's voice really stood out throughout series 1 and I ended up listening to the series soundtrack over and over but then I discovered Olivia's own music and fell in love with it. I just can't get enough of listening to Enough for you it just has an old school vibe which I love. It really gets stuck in my head too and I know that poor Liam is soon going to be sick of hearing this song. 

Friday - Riton, Nightcrawlers

 'It's Friday then...' the song has been stuck in my head for far too long and I have woke up singing it far too many times but it is just one of those really good songs that gets stuck in your head far too often. Again this is partly due to my nephew that I listen to this song as he really seems to really like it too. I think this is definitely going to be a song that is played a lot over the summer months especially when it comes to our BBQ's.

Peaches - Justin Bieber

I went off Justin Bieber a while ago but his latest album has really got me back into listening to him more often. The album has been on repeat for far too long and Peaches has made it onto my summer playlist. This song is just such easy listening and was an easy choice to add to the playlist. To be honest I think a lot more of his latest album is going to be added to the playlist too but for now Peaches is a great start. 

Montero - Lil Nas X

I normally don't bother with Lil Nas X but I have heard this song so many times it is one I am really starting to love. Granted I aren't too keen on the video for this song but just to listen to it is great. I don't think that I am going to get fed up of this song either but again poor Liam might need to. I wonder if I am going to listen to even more of his songs in the future due to this one. 

Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

Oh look another song on the playlist that is influenced by my nephew who might only be 2 years old but can sing the opening of the song brilliantly. Not only does my nephew love listening to this but thanks to Instagram reels I have heard this song so much that there was no way I wasn't putting this onto my playlist. I just absolutely love this song and I just know it is going to be up there as one of my most played due to the nephew requesting it and my love for it combining. I didn't think that I would actually be so into this song but it is a nice surprise that I am. 

Greece - Drake

This is a song I really got into towards the end of last year and I was always going to be adding it to my playlist as I love it that much. Drake s an artist that I actually really like but never listen to much of due to listening to other bits but Greece is one of those easy listening songs that is perfect for relaxing to in the warmer months. I think there is going to be more Drake added over time but for now Greece is the perfect start. 

I never really bother with chart music so mos of these new additions make for a nice change. I am hoping to have plenty of time out in the garden again this year either alone, with Liam or with family having drinks and BBQ's so I know this playlist is going to be played to death and I just can't wait. What songs would make it to your summer playlist this year? 

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