How Did Sticking To A Skincare Routine Go?

It has been a month of me trying to stick to my skincare routine and to be honest it has really been hit and miss for me. The month kicked off with me going on a long weekend away and I just forgot to pack half of the items I required to carry out my full routine which I am glad I did really as it saved me some space in my bag. I then kept forgetting quite a few nights to carry out my routine as I was home late or just far too tired and I just wanted to crawl into bed.  On a morning to the days I forgot are the days when I wanted some extra time in bed or when I just had to rush about in the morning instead of having my usual morning routine play out. I wish I managed to do the full month of the skincare routine but what I did manage to do seemed to have started to do the trick for me. 

I have definitely noticed that over the course of the month my spots have definitely been reduced, especially the ones around my eyes and down my cheek. The new routine mixed with my acne cream seems to have made them look a lot less angry and took a lot of the redness out of the area. When I look at my face now I am definitely impressed with how much clearer it is looking at the moment so it gets me wondering what it will be like a few months down the line. My skin also feels much softer after the month than it did previously I don't know if it is the effect from the creams I have been using or just the fact my skin is definitely a whole lot softer now. 

In terms of my diet whilst trying to stick to the routine I have to say it has been a whole lot better than before. I have eaten a lot less fast food and processed food this month than I have done previously due to my weight loss journey been stepped up a whole lot. I have also had less fizzy drinks and alcohol too and mainly stuck to water throughout the month which I believe has been a big factor in my skin really beginning to clear up. I used to think that drinking water etc was just a lie for clearing up your skin but I really think after doing this for myself for a month my eyes have been opened and I really do believe now there is a connection between your diet and your skin and it is something I am now going to be focusing on a bit more often alongside continuing with the skincare routine I created for myself. 

I managed to get sunburnt a few times during the month because it seems like my skin just has to see the sun to end up burnt to a crisp and it is driving me mad. I think if I could really prevent my skin from burning so much I could have my skin in much better condition. I am determined that over the summer I am going to take a whole lot more care of my skin to try stop any further damage being caused. I really do think if I took more in the sun my skin would be in much better condition so now it is definitely time to take more care of it. 

This past month has definitely taught me a lot about my skin and even how my lifestyle effects it so I am definitely going to always keep this in my mind when it comes to improvements if my skin takes a turn for the worse again. I didn't really stick to the routine as much as I would have liked as I said earlier but honestly a habit is definitely forming and I think if I keep to this routine for a few months I am going to make a massive difference on my face as by skipping a routine a more than a few times has made a bit of a difference so just how much would a full month improve its condition? I am definitely excited to see how my skin changes over the coming months. 

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