Styling The Adidas Deerupts For Summer

Well summer is very slowly approaching here in the UK and honestly it can't come soon enough for me. I much prefer getting ready in the summer than I do in any of the other seasons and to be honest that is definitely down to the fact that most of my sneaker selection is better suited to the summer weather due to the colourway of them and the material they are made out of. One of my favourite pairs of sneakers in my collection are the Adidas Deerupts as they are just a standout pair due to the colours on the sneaker and the net style covering over the upper. I did originally start to wear these all year round but then I did start to worry about ruining them due to the weather here in the UK and I realised they were much more suited to the summer and honestly I am glad that I have reserved them for the better weather as they suit the season a lot more and are definitely going to last me much longer than if I wore them in the rain. So here is how I style my Deerupts in the summer weather... 

With the sneakers being such a bold colourway with the blue, orange and white I much prefer to tone back my clothing so that the sneakers are the main focus point and the clothing doesn't stand out more than them. I have found that even in the summer I tend to wear mainly black as it has just been one of my go to colours for clothing for years. For the all black look with these sneakers I opt for my now slightly oversized Vans t-shirt I have had in my wardrobe for years. This t-shirt is nice and cool for the warm weather and is nice and plain so it doesn't take away from the boldness of the sneakers with a bold print like some of my t-shirts would do. On the bottom I opt for my black denim shorts that cut off just above the knee. These are a nice slim fit and are really comfortable so I can easily wear them on long days out. I think this all black look is great as the sneakers really do all the talking for the outfit and that is just what I want them to do. 

For the ultimate lounging outfit I simply switch out the denim shorts for a pair of jersey shorts which you can pick up really cheap and they are just much comfier than a pair of denim shorts. If I know I am going to be moving about a bit more like chasing after my nephew I would much rather wear a pair of jersey shorts than denim ones as I don't feel as restricted in them plus it is a much more casual look. I also prefer jersey shorts if i am just lounging in the garden or the house as they are just much more comfortable to sit around in. In fact I probably live in jersey shorts for 90% of the summer. 

On those cooler days where I don't want to wear shorts as it just isn't warm enough I will throw on a pair of sweatpants to carry on that comfortable feeling. For a while I actually stopped wearing sweatpants but now I am absolutely loving them. If  I am going to be in the car for a while I will always opt for my sweatpants as I know I am going to be more comfortable in these. I wasn't too sure about the grey with the these Deerupt sneakers but honestly it works well especially as the sweatpants cuff lands just above where the sneakers start. The simple colours keep the sneakers as the stand out piece in the outfit too. 

I am really looking forward to the weather improving so that I can get out in my Deerupts a whole lot more and experiment with some different outfit styles. For now though these are definitely going to be my 3 go to outfits for styling these sneakers and I really can't wait. How would you style the Deerupts for summer? 

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