My Current After Work Evening Routine

Now I am back at work full-time I have had the fun and games of trying to come up with a routine that fits being back in work and still helps me get plenty done, some nights I have exercise classes but other nights I am either productive or just relaxing which is very much needed. It has been a bit of a shock to the system returning to work and honestly I function better the next day if I have a good night the night before and it also turns out I now struggle to sit still as my brain likes to work 24/7 so I try have a routine in place to make sure I don't end up burnt out with a lack of motivation to do anything which has happened too often recently. Juggling a full-time job, 3 blogs and life in general hasn't been easy but I seem to slowly be working out a routine that works for me. 

A typical night after work where I don't have to leave the house tends to go 1 of 2 ways, I am either extremely productive or just relax and have some much needed me time. So here is how a typical productive evening after work will go...

I start off by walking home which is a bit of a new addition to the routine as previously I would rather wait around for a lift which was just lazy of me, now though I get straight off and have a nice stroll home. Once I am in I will finally change out of my work clothing and put on something a lot more comfortable which is usually a pair of shorts and a football shirts no matter how cold it is, I just prefer feeling comfortable when at home and I really don't care what I look like at this point either. I will then either set up my laptop in the spare room which is now a bit of an office to get some content done in my own space or I will turn on my PC in the games room if I need two screens and a bit of company from Liam. Sometimes I work a lot better alone but other times I would rather have a bit of company as Liam usually makes sure I am getting on with what I need to do rather than me being sat alone procrastinating which happens more than I would like to admit. I get home quite a bit before Liam so I have a bit of time just blogging away working through my to do list before he gets home and I usually blog for another 45 minutes when he has got home just to finish anything off I need to. 

Then it is dinner time, Liam is the cook in the house as I am useless in the kitchen, so whilst he is cooking I will be doing some bits for the blog like taking pictures or tidying up a little bit before it is time to eat. We have got into the unhealthy habit of sitting in the games room for our food but I want to change that and have us sitting at the dining room table together for a change so that we are separating what each room is for and we can actually sit and talk whilst we eat. Once food has been eaten it is back to the laptop or PC for an hour or so to make a bit more progress on the to do list before calling it a night on the blogging side of things. 

Once I am done blogging I will go run myself a nice warm relaxing bath which is needed most nights these days. With me working out a lot more my muscles are starting to ache a lot so baths are a bit of a relief for them and it just helps ease any aches and pains. I more often than not end up with a bath bomb in my baths too just to treat myself a little bit. If I can't be bothered with a bath though I will end up just jumping in a nice cold shower which I am also starting to love. 

When I am out of the bath and getting ready I will start to prepare for the next day which involves putting anything in my work back that I need to take with me the next day, I never used to do this and used to rush around in the morning instead so now preparing it the night before saves me time and I tend to not forget things for a change which is great as I have always been so forgetful. I will also use this time to get an outfit put together for the next day if I haven't already got one hung up. I tend to do this more if I am off work  the following day and have plans because if not I usually have a weeks worth of work outfits ready to go on a Sunday night. 

Finally once all that is sorted I am ready to really settle down for the evening and start to get ready to go to sleep. I tend to spend this time just catching up on YouTube videos that I may have missed or have just been uploading as I find it is the best time for me to watch them as I don't really have any other distractions going on. I do want to start to swap a bit of this YouTube time for some reading time though as I know if I read just before going to sleep I will sleep much better plus I have so many books that are currently unread that I would love to finally read. I used to love reading so maybe now is the perfect time for me to get back into it and just relax a bit more. 

For those nights where I don't fancy being productive my routine is a bit similar but minus all the blogging. Those unproductive nights go one of two ways to be honest I will either spend all night watching the TV or playing some video games. So here is how one of those nights will look.

I have that nice stroll home that I have started to love and will go get changed into some comfier clothing for the evening. To be honest it is still usually a pair of shorts and a football shirt but sometimes I will go for some tracksuit bottoms and a gaming hoodie just as they are a bit comfier for long gaming sessions. I will then switch on one of the gaming consoles or the TV downstairs and either game or watch TV until Liam gets home. Once he is home he will make us our dinner for the evening where I will either be sat on the sofa to eat it or in front of the game I am playing, on these days I really don't tend to move much when I get home. 

When I have finished my food or had enough of playing games or watching TV I will end up going and running myself a bath where I will spend far too long listening to one of my favourite gaming podcasts at the time. I will eventually get out and get ready and fire up my laptop to watch a whole lot of YouTube before heading to bed and getting at least 8 hours of sleep which is what I aim for every night. Again I need to start adding some reading time into this routine but for now it isn't included. 

So there you have it that is what a typical evening routine is like for me whether I am being productive or just relaxing, I definitely do a lot better with routine in place and this helps me stay on top of the blogs and finally have some much needed me time. 

What does your after work routine look like? 

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