How I Plan On Styling My Vans Old Skool Sneakers For Summer

The lovely warm weather is finally here in the UK and I am definitely making the most of it this year and embracing dressing for the weather. Previously I would be hiding my body away in baggy clothing due to my size but I am starting to embrace my body a little bit more and actually step out of my comfort zone and try wear different things instead of baggy t-shirts and black skinny jeans all the time.  Granted I have always worn shorts but I tend to go for longer ones although I am now trying to switch that up a bit and try out skinnier and shorter ones. I am also determined that this summer I won't be living in black clothing and will be switching it up a bit adding different colours into my outfits as to be honest I am getting sick of seeing myself in black clothing 24/7. 

I am also going to try my best to rotate my sneaker collection this summer so I aren't just living in one pair like I seemed to do last year, I have so many great pairs that I could style for the summer weather so I am determined to get my wear out of different pairs and actually switch up my outfits constantly, no more sticking to what I am used to. One pair of sneakers I know I am going to wear a lot over the summer months are my Vans Old Skool's, the simple silhouette in the black and white colourway is so simple to style and goes with a variety of items in my wardrobe. So here are the 3 ways I am planning on styling my Vans Old Skool's over the summer months...

I recently picked up this purple Adidas t-shirt as part of adding more colour into my wardrobe. For £25 I think it is perfect as it is slightly over sized and a made from a very comfortable material. This is already one of my favourite t-shirts so I think you will be seeing me in this a fair bit, plus it is actually really easy to style which shocked me a bit. Teamed up with my knee length baggy denim shorts I love the outfit and it is comfortable for long days out especially when it is warm. The outfit is on the baggier side and keeps me nice and cool when needed. The Vans work really well with it too and just provide a different look to a pair of plain white sneakers. 

The next outfit is all black but I love it. The black denim shorts provide a tighter fit and cut off above the knee so they make a nice change. Throw on my now over sized Vans t-shirt with this and you are onto a winner as the items just work really well together and the Vans sneakers fit the aesthetic really well. I am actually surprised by how much I like this outfit but I can see me wearing it a fair few times over the summer. Due to the colours just fitting so well I think the outfit just looks a little smarter and more put together granted it is most on the casual side but a few accessories with this could really dress it up, although it really does give me skater vibes.  

The final outfit also gives me skater vibes and to be honest the two black outfits are really making me want to purchase a skateboard and give it a go again. It is funny really how an outfit can make you want to purchase something else but it really is making me want to learn how to ride a skateboard just to finish off the look. Here in the UK especially where I live even in the height of summer there can be a chill in the air so for my third and final look I have swapped out of my Vans t-shirt for a long sleeved PlayStation one which I absolutely love. With a small print on the front, prints on both arms and a large print on the back I absolutely love this t-shirt and it is perfect for those cooler days. The colours on the t-shirt still fit in with the rest of the outfit and it just gives a clean casual look perfect for days out shopping or to the seaside where I seem to be going quite often lately.

So there you have it those are the 3 ways I am planning on styling my Vans Old Skool's throughout the summer, I will definitely be getting plenty of wear out of them but I need to remember that I have other sneakers too so that I aren't just constantly wearing these ones like I tend to do with my Air Force 1's. I am sure I will be wearing plenty of other outfits with these sneakers over the summer especially with some checked pants or my chinos but for now I think these will be my 3 go to outfits. 

How would you style a pair of Vans Old Skool's for summer? 

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