May 2021 Favourites

Well that is May over and done with and minus the dreadful weather it has actually been a pretty good month. Some more lock down restrictions have been lifted here in the UK and it has been great getting out and about a little bit more. My first full month back at work has been completed and it was a lot easier to get back into a routine than I thought it would be. So here are my favourite things from May...


Trying Different clothing

I honestly really surprised myself throughout May by experimenting with my clothing a lot more than usual. I have purchased items out of my comfort zone and really enjoyed wearing them. I have gone from mainly wearing black and grey to adding some colour into my wardrobe and I am loving it, the family say it is taking a bit of getting used to but I can see this being something I do a lot more often now. 


Family Time 

With the lock down restrictions easing I have been able to spend more time with my family which honestly has been much needed. Every second with my nephew is brilliant as he is growing to be a character with his personality changing so much. It has also been great to spend some much needed time with my auntie, uncle and grandparents too. I am definitely pretty family orientated so the time together is always great and I am sure there is still plenty more catching up to do too. 


Spare Room 

I made the decision in May that our spare room wasn't just going to be a dressing room any more and it was going to become more of an office for me. This was definitely needed as I am looking at creating a space to do my blogging in peace and quiet and a few extra projects I am hoping to start. So May has been spent reorganizing the spare room and turning it into a bit more of an office. There is still a bit to do in the room but it is nice to just have my own little space to blog/ work on projects without any distractions. 

Health & fitness

Seeing Progress On The Scales 

For the first time in forever I am seeing the scales going down. It hasn't been a small loss this month either like in previous ones or a gain like others. Seeing this is making me have a more positive attitude towards my journey and is also making me a whole lot more motivated than previously. It is just nice to see the hard work is finally paying off. 


Me and my sister started some boxing fitness classes in May which have been great so far. It is a mixture of fitness work and boxing work so it is a nice mix weekly and honestly it leaves me feeling fantastic. I have always wanted to give boxing a try and this has been the perfect way to do so. I actually look forward to Wednesday evenings now as it means I get to spend an hour at this class and I am already seeing a benefit from it. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from May. What are your favourites from May 2021?

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