My Go To Styles During Euro 2020

The long awaited Euro 2020 has kicked off and is in full swing and you bet I am spending the majority of the month wearing football shirts, not like it makes a difference to my usual clothing choice lately as all I seem to have worn since last year is a nice football shirt as they are comfortable and a lot of them actually look quite smart these days.

I will be honest with you I have bought a lot of shirts over the past 12 months, I think it was my way of coping with all that was going on in the world. I managed to control myself though and although I have wanted a lot of nations shirts I have only actually bought myself an England one and my parents gifted me an England one for Christmas too. Although the purchase might change as teams reduce the prices but for now I am more than happy with sticking to my 2 main England shirts alongside the old shirts in collection.  

The fact I am wearing the shirts more often I thought I would show you how I am planning on styling my top 2 shirts throughout the competition whether England are still in it or not. What I love is they are two totally different shirts in themselves so it is really fun to style them in different ways. So here is how I am styling them... 

My parents got me this England Score draw shirt for Christmas and I love it. Some people don't like remakes of classic shirts but I would much rather have an affordable shirt that looks just as good as the original that is at a ridiculous price plus this one is really comfortable. Liam says with this look I have definitely carried on the retro theme as I have teamed it up with some baggy jeans and beat up white sneakers. This is just an absolutely brilliant comfortable look that if I team it up with my England bucket hat is totally retro. 

Now the weather is warming up this has become a go to look. Swap the jeans out for some super comfortable jersey shorts and your are onto a winner for a nice casual look. I prefer jersey shorts in the warmer weather as they don't rub me half as much as denim ones do and I do prefer the casual laid back feel they give off. I also knew I got the red Puma suedes for a reason as they go absolutely brilliantly with the red shirt and I finally have the chance to style them instead of them being on the shelf unused. 

This years blue England away shirt is one of my favourites at the moment as due to the collar I think it gives it a bit of a smarter look. The sleeves are a nice fit and overall it is just a comfortable, smart football shirt which can be dressed up a bit or down. For a smarter look I team it up with a pair of skinny jeans and my classic black and white Converse. I think this just looks very smart for an outfit featuring a football shirt and it means I am getting much more wear out of it as I can dress it up instead of just having it for lounging. 

Just like with the red shirt I also team this one up with a pair of jersey shorts and some blue Puma suedes as again it dresses it down a little bit without dressing it down too much. It is a super comfy outfit for the warm weather and to be honest I think it would make the perfect Euro BBQ party outfit as it is comfy for moving around in and looks really good. I know this shirt is definitely going to be a favourite for a very long time. 

So there you have it that is how I am planning to style the shirts not just for the competition but for as long as I own them really. These are just two ways of styling the two shirts but there are so many more ways I could easily style them as they are just so versatile. Let me know if you would like to see any more football shirt styling posts as I think I could see plenty more added to the blog.

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