Garden Renovation Update #1

You may remember at the beginning of April I posted all about our garden plans (catch up on it here) and well we have finally started on each of the gardens, it is definitely going to take a while but here how things are looking at the moment...

In the front garden my grandad came up and dug up a border under the window which we wanted doing, but now we have it there we are thinking of taking it all the way around the edge of the garden as you can tell that is what was previously there. Now we just need to go find some nice plants to fill this area and I need to convince Liam a little bird bath may look good in the centre of the grass.

Now the side garden is where I am going to be spending most of my time as it is going to have toys in for my nephew as well as being my little football area. There was a fair bit to do in here which I think I underestimated. We needed to take up some paving flags, remove the sheeting from the old planter, dismantle the BBQ & flower bed and level where things had been removed.

I actually spent time with my mum whilst Liam and my dad did these jobs and they did really well for what they were left to do. They took up a strip of paving flags, levelled the ground and applied some grass seed. Liam also removed the sheet from the planter and levelled all that. My next step is to remove the flower bed, level that area and dismantle the BBQ, we are also thinking of putting a little fence around the edges. Then this area should then be good to go and I can fill it with football equipment and stuff for the nephew as he grows up.

Now this is where the big project is, we have gone for the decking and astro-turf option and as you can see from the image about we were left with a mess to start with. The group is just mud but when my dad and Liam where digging for the holes for the decking posts we found out most of what the dug was clay making it even harder for them. 

However they have done a fantastic job in just 2 days so far, along with doing the other gardens and digging the holes the above images are what it is looking like now. I helped my dad put the big posts in and get them level whilst Liam was working but then he took over from me and has done a brilliant job. I honestly don't think this section will take much longer and I cant wait to show you the finished product. 

Once the decking is down we will be adding a fence, levelling the mud and laying the astro-turf whilst also adding a small border filled with chippings.

I am so excited to finally get everything done and out of the way so we can enjoy the warm weather in any of the gardens and I can get training in the side too . Once all this is done though the savings will be started again to get all the side of the house and driveway done including finally knocking the awful garage down.

Check back soon for more garden updates.

See you soon

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