Mitre Delta Replica Football Review

I am a huge Bradford City fan, as I am sure most of you will be aware by now. Which why when I was looking for a football a while back a certain one jumped out at me.... the Mitre EFL Delta replica football. 
When you see a specific ball week in, week out you really start to notice the design etc. This is why I opted to buy this one (well Liam treated me to it) and at the bargain price of £12 I can't fault it.

Growing up I always tended to opt for a Nike ball or a cheap Sondico alternative, but after watching more and more EFL matches and seeing the design on this ball I had to give Mitre a try. I love the white, blue and red design as its not just plain and simple, it stands out, which is perfect when you are like me and always end up losing footballs. It is easy to see in the bushes when you accidently hit it too hard or too far. I opted for the size 5 variant of this ball (it comes in sizes 3,4 & 5) which I always go for as it is the size I would use in any games or any training sessions. 

The best thing about this ball is that it is perfectly weighted, it doesn't fly away when hit like some low quality footballs and it isn't too heavy which helps create the perfect shot or pass, there is no worry about it going too far or not far enough, well that is unless you totally miss kick it. In the past some footballs I have used have had a shiny surface, meaning the ball (especially when wet) will just slide off the foot making specific contact a lot more difficult. If the ball is too slippy it will fly across surfaces, and that isn't just the floor it is the surface of your boots too meaning you could end up making more mistakes and control would be poor. However, this ball  has a foam backed lining which helps with improving control making it smoother and it definitely does do this. If a long ball is played in you can take it down easy it doesn't run away from you and I genuinely believe this is due to the foam backed providing a more cushioned effect. It is also great for practising your shooting too as you can easily feel the type of connection you are making with the ball, which in my opinion really benefits your training and performance as you know what improvements you need to make to have a cleaner shot next time. 

The best thing about this ball is what it can withstand, not only have I been using it on grass but it has also been kicked around a lot of the time by the side of the house which is basically just stones and gravel. It also ends up rubbing against the pebble dashed house and step and guess what? It isn't falling apart like most would and in fact it is hard to identify any scratches on the ball which really surprises me. I have had footballs before that have fallen apart from been kicked along the pavement and become punctured but this one is going strong 12 month on. It hasn't even needed pumping up that often which makes a lovely change, sometimes when I have had a ball and left it outside (in a cupboard) the ball has basically gone flat but this one has had no issues with it at all. I can see it being around for a very long time if it carries on the way it is.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced ball to train with I would definitely say to try out this one, it can be found at where they have an even more extensive range of footballs, equipment, kits and other sporting accessories available. 

Which football should I test out next? 

See you soon 

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