So on Friday the world cup kicked off and what better way than it to start than with the hosts picking up all 3 points from the opener. France put on a brilliant display and came out with a 4-0 victory over South Korea.

Right from the start France looked like a threat on the attack as expected. The first goal came from some great pressing from the hosts and of course it was Le Sommer with the fantastic finish to put the home nation in front. But the pressing didn't stop there France actually kept up the pressing game for the full 90 minutes showing just how much they wanted to show the world they are made of and that they aren't to be taken lightly. Some teams get a goal or 2 in front and sit back but no way was France doing that.

I felt a little sorry for Korea when the first goal went in as they did seem to start off pretty well, even causing France to give away some very silly fouls but they just couldn't capitalize on the opportunities given to them.

The french disallowed goal was actually really well worked, from the corner the ball was played out to Henry who easily picked out Renard who then headed it to Mbock Bathy who finished off the goal brilliantly especially for a center back. However though that joy was short lived as VAR was used for the first time in the tournament and unfortunately ruled the goal out due to offside. I am really glad that VAR is being used but wow it was slow to make a decision, so fingers crossed the process is sped up throughout the tournament.

France played very cleverly throughout the game and the main playmaker for the full 90 minutes was definitely Amandine Henry and she works really well as a captain in my opinion as she can run the field but is also a player who others can look up too and she seems to be able to motivate them and keep them pushing even when they are in the lead, she really helps make the most out of the team they have. She was also center of all the great combination play that came from the French throughout the game.

I was a little confused in the first part of the game when France where getting corners but didn't seem to be utilizing Renard who's height could be an advantage for them. But when they finally did use Renard it worked out perfectly for them. A greatly delivered corner found her and she made a brilliant connection to get her 1st goal. What I didn't understand was that up to this moment the Koreans had defended really well, yet when this corner came they were actually backing away.

In the first 38 minutes France had 15 shots compared to Korea's 0, which really does show how much of a dominant force France where in the first half and they kept this up in the 2nd half too. Just before half time Renard got her 2nd goal to make it 3-0 France and once again it was a brilliantly delivered out swinging corner that was met with a great connection. By now going into half time it was starting to look like Korea was just going to give up however, at the start of the second half they looked a little more lively and like whatever they had been told at half tie had given them the motivation they needed to pick it up again.

Just as Hope Solo said at half time though France's best play came from down the right hand side and this really showed through the full 90, I think this could really be a threat for a lot of teams within the competition and opponents shouldn't take them lightly. On the other side Korea seemed to be getting a lot of freekicks for not a right lot, it seemed the slightest touch and they were on the floor, I was getting sick of hearing the referees whistle. I just hope that this isn't going to be a running theme through the competition and the ref's wise up to this. 

French goal keeper Bouhaddi didn't actually have her first test until the 63rd minute but even after all this time with not a lot to do she took it with eases, for me she really could be one of the best keepers in the world but her not getting brought into the action until late really goes to show you just how good the outfield French players are too, making sure the Korean's didn't get near the goal.

France's 4th and final goal came from none other than Amandine Henry who really did deserve to get her name on the score sheet, the goal was absolutely brilliant cutting across the defence without even looking up properly yet she still struck it perfectly and found the back of the net.

What I really loved to see was a crowd of over 45,000 to watch the hosts kick off the tournament. Let's hope we get big crowds at the other games too as it is nice to see just how much the women's game is growing. 

So there you have it check back later for day 2 & 3.

See you soon

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