Garden Plans

Now most of the house is complete and the weather is starting to warm up I think it is time we got thinking about what we want to do with the gardens. We are very lucky with where our house is that we actually consider our house to have 3 gardens, we have the back, in front of the house then a side part next to the garage and drive way. Although we might be lucky to have all this space, it is a nightmare of thinking of what to do with them, especially when me and Liam can't really seem to agree on anything. So here is what I would love to happen...

In front of the house we have a little path way to the front door surrounded by grass. I would love to get some nicer paving leading from the gate that doesn't just look randomly placed. Under the window I want a nice little flower bed with a bird bath in the middle of the grass. I would also love for the bushes to be swapped for a fence. The little broken fence will be being removed too.

The drive way will be getting redone in possible concrete (would love some nice paving) to make it even and a lot nicer to look at. The garage is also coming down meaning we can extend the drive a little more to allow the 2 cars but also have a little extra garden space in the side.

Along the side of the house will also hopefully be levelled out and flow on from the driveaway and meet with the side garden just so it doesn't have gaps all over and looks a lot nicer. I also want to maybe put up a little fence to separate the drive from the back garden instead of it all just flowing through. This space is mainly going to be where the bins are still kept.

Behind the garage the stupid little fence will be removed and hopefully something can be done with the bushes on this part too as I really don't like them.

It is the same case with the side garden, I have the bushes and would love to replace them with a fence as the bushes just make it feel a lot smaller than it really is. The flower bed is already gone and I just want to get this tidied, levelled and all grass. Although we may rebuild the BBQ up at the top. I want to replace the big bushes between the garden and the garage with a little wall. There will be a football net put in here for me and the nephew and maybe a few other bits for the nephew to enjoy. It will be nice just to haven garden parties in here too. 

Now onto the back, this is hopefully going to be the best part, I want to get it tided up, decked in parts with grass / paving in some parts. On the decking will be some nice garden furniture and a heater, then down near the bottom will be a nice pond with some plants and rocks surrounding it.

So there you have it that is what I would love to do with our garden and fingers crossed this year we can make a good start on this and get a big chunk out of the way. I just hope it will look as good as I imagine and that me and Liam can agree on some ideas. If anyone has any good tips or tricks to make it look great please let me know and if you know of any good places to get the furniture.

See you soon

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