4 games of football occurred yesterday to finish off the group stages of the tournament and they were some pretty good games, the Netherlands beat Canada 2-1, Cameroon beat New Zealand 2-1 and Chile beat Thailand 2-0. But the game I was most looking forward to yesterday was definitely USA vs Sweden. With such rivalry between these 2 sides it was bound to be a good game. Which is why I can't understand why Sweden made so many changes, especially to their back line. Granted the USA also made plenty of changes but that was to be expected especially with them basically returning to the team from their game against Thailand. But what I will never understand is why Jill keeps Press on the bench and has the top 3 as Rapinoe, Morgan and Heath, take out Rapinoe add in Press and honestly I think you will have a much bigger threat these days. 

It really didn't take long for the USWNT to get off the mark. I honestly thought the corner had been messed up a bit but I guess never right the USWNT off as they can make something out of nothing. The ball seemed to just roll through the crowed box and Horan's well anticipated run meant she was right place right time to put the ball passed Lindahl. This meant at just 3 minutes the USWNT were already 1-0 up and off to a great start. 

The goal seemed to spur Sweden on a little bit but they just never seemed that much of a threat especially to how they were in 2016 when they knocked the USA out of the Olympics. The place they seemed to be struggling most was definitely in defence, it was far too easy for the likes of Heath, Morgan and Lavelle to get through that back line.

But it wasn't just Sweden who were struggling, at times when Sweden did look promising  it seemed that the USA back line was also struggling to keep up and there were a few miscommunicated moments where Sweden ended up gaining a better position from this. Over all there was plenty of sloppy pieces of play from both sides, with sloppy passes straight to the opposition, heavy passes straight to touch and quite a few unnecessary offsides. there were plenty of heavy challenges going in from either side, I really am surprised players walked away in one piece with some. But it does leave me wondering if Morgan picked up a knock near the end of the 1st half that ended up in her needing to be replaced by Lloyd, was it just a precaution or has she done some damage?

There also seemed to be a lot of players just slipping even when not under pressure, how wet was the surface or was it just players with the wrong studs? Rapinoe for me just isn't firing up as expected this tournament especially when it comes to her crosses most just look sloppy and are going nowhere near their intended target. I hope she picks up in the next few games if not PLAY PRESS!

Lavelle surprised me once again as she just looks so confident lately and unfazed and O'Hara had a brilliant game with plenty of great runs into the box and overlapping play. Her and Heath's link ups were once again amazing and helped the USA get forward, once again the right side was definitely strongest for the USWNT. Whereas for the Swedish team there was not really a stand out player throughout the game and the USWNT did well to make it so Asllani didn't get into the game as much as Sweden would have wanted.

It was Heath who finally got the 2nd goal of the game, (although everyone else is giving it as an Andersson own goal) don't take it away from Heath like I honestly thought VAR was going to. This whole offside rule with VAR really needs clearing up as it is starting to cause so much confusing and not just for the fans and players but I think for the referees too.  The goal came from once again Heath causing some great hold up play in the box and a cheeky little chip ending up in the back of the goal, her skill level is just absolutely unbelievable. But what I don't understand is why she was given so much space throughout the game it was like Sweden didn't want to try with her. 

It is well documented the rivalry on the pitch and off the field too between these 2 sides and honestly the USWNT comments about being the best in the world and Lindahl saying Sweden would do the speaking on the court, well once again it was the USWNT doing the talking and proving why they have the right to be arrogant and confident because they can back up their talk with their play on the field. 

I do think the USA deserved the win but I was expecting a lot more from the game, I was expecting more fight from the Swedish side and I think the USWNT could have done better in defence and not wasted so many chances.

My woman of the match for this game would definitely be Heath, with her skill and getting the team into dangerous positions she definitely was the stand out player of the game and I can't wait to see her play again in the round of 16 she just adds the flare and passion to every game.

See you soon

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