Adding To The Wardrobe : Primark

Finally with the football having a break I managed to get out shopping plus it being pay day really helped. With the warmer weather forecast I knew I needed to update my wardrobe to a more summery selection, as 90% of it at the moment is black jeans and long sleeve tops or jumpers. One place I knew I definitely needed to head to grab some of the best items was Primark as they never let me down, all throughout the year I am picking up items from there and to be honest they do last me, as long as I don't gain too much weight. 

So I headed down to pick up a few bits to keep me going in the warm weather and here is what I got...

Technically I didn't pick up this piece but my mum got it for me and I just had to pay her back. I absolutely love Toy Story and can't wait to see the 4th film so when I saw this top online I knew I was going to have to get it. At £8 you can't go wrong, I love the neon print and the fact the print is bigger on the back than on the front.

I was in desperate need of some shorts as my current ones just kept falling down and the colour didn't really go with anything. At £6 I had to get these as I love the white one the sides plus they are the perfect length and really comfortable. 

Now I had these pink shorts the other year and I lived in them, especially when sitting out in the garden. So when I saw these were only £2 I knew I had to pick another pair up seen as my others have magically disappeared. These are a really good length for me plus the fact they are swim shorts means they are really lightweight and cool.

I also picked up a pair of dark grey shorts for £9 as I wanted some shorts with a bit more of a fit to them and these were perfect as they are slim fit but not too tight. Again they are also really lightweight and the perfect length. Some shorts can be way too long on me due to my height but Primark seem to have got it right and they are a great fit.

I then headed over to the sale rail and found this t-shirt for just £3. Granted I really didn't need another black t-shirt but this is a little bit of a thicker material so perfect for those cooler days. Plus it isn't fully black I love the neon stitching and the small print on the front. Plus the fact it was so cheap makes it even better for me. Even if I just wear it a few times then have it as pyjama top I am sue I will have my money worth out of it.

I tried last year with the invisible socks but honestly they drove me mad constantly sliding around so I will only be wearing those when I really need to (if my trainers are really low cut). But if not I will just be going back to standard trainer socks and for just £2 per 5 pairs I have got myself stocked up in a variety of colours. The best thing about the Primark ones are the fact they have the comfort arch which is perfect for if I have to do plenty of walking or I am breaking new trainers in. Plus they don't go to high up they are just the perfect length. 

Finally it is nothing to do with clothing but I picked up these 2 fragrances for just £2 each. I can't do with women's scents as they can just be too florally for me but these are fantastic as they aren't too strong. The best thing is I can just throw these in my backpack for top ups during the day and I can have a new daily fragrance instead of wasting my Tom Ford, I can now keep that for special occasions. 

I can't wait to start styling these pieces and putting together the outfits that represent me the most. Now I just need to carry on ticking off a few more bits of my current shopping list.

See you soon

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