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 One thing I can't get enough of is hair products. I change what I used daily every couple of weeks just to try help me get through my ever growing collection of items. When we moved we got some plastic cupboards for our bathroom and I have claimed one of the drawers just for my hair products, at first I didn't think I had a lot but on closer inspection I have realised I have far too many. Not pictured are my current rotation of products which are the VO5 fluff tamer, R+Co Dallas thickening spray, Johnny's chop shop volumising mousse and blue beards revenge paste but here are the items I need to try get using...

v05 hair collection

VO5 is definitely the brand I have most products of. I have 2 back up tins of fluff tamer as this is one of my go to products due to how well it works. I also have their clay to give a go, along with a matt paste that has just been switched out of my rotation I haven't been finding this too bad. I then have a gel which came in a set at Christmas time a textured quiff spray I got a few days a go which I cant wait to try and finally a matt definition spray which also came in a gift set. VO5 to me are a very good brand especially for the price range and it is so easy to buy as most supermarkets stock it.

fish hair collection
Fish are a brand I discovered through the blog as they got in touch for me to review a selection of their products. I quickly fell in love with them and I keep switching this wax and putty in and out of my rotation. I also picked up the wax stick from the pound shop and so far it is so good. Fish are another reasonably priced brand which I need to test out more of their products.

johnnys chop shop collection

 A brand I discovered the other year was Johnny's chop shop, I became obsessed with their hairspray which then lead me to trying out more of their items. As you can see the only shampoo I used was the born lucky one for a while which the family picked up on and I ended up receiving 4 bottles at Christmas, I am well and truly stocked up. The hobo hair has been a lifesaver since I got it for those days I am just lounging around and not too bothered about doing my hair. The texturising spray is another item I have loved for a while and keeps finding its way into the rotation every few months. The clay is something I am still to try seen as I only picked it up to make full use of the boots 3 for 2 offer.

hair collection

 A few random ones here are the Brylcreem which seems to be ok for my hair but I really need to try use it a little more as I have a lot I need to get through. The Shockwaves gel spray is another one I picked up just because it was cheap, I haven't opened this yet but I will be sure to give it a try soon. Then I have this Toni & Guy rough texturiser which I actually got from my mum, she didn't want it anymore so I said I would take it off her hands and see what I thought of it.

lynx hair products

I have mentioned the Lynx hair collection on here a few times in the past and I love them. I need to finish off these tins then I think I may hold off buying them as I need to get through so many others but when I have these in reach I just go straight for them at their low price though they are handy to keep stocked up on.

fudge hair products

 Fudge are a brand I will go mad with or just go for ages without buying anything. Currently I have this raspberry styling mousse that isn't too bad but I don't tend to use very often. I also have the blow dry creme which is to help create a messy look. It actually does work when I blow dry my hair but with my hair so short I don't usually dry it. This is also the same case with the heat defence spray it isn't often I use heat on my hair these days but when I do this really helps.

Finally we have just a couple of miniatures which I keep around just in case I have a small trip away. It isn't often I am away from home for a while but if I have somewhere to be I will just through these in my bag. Also these are perfect for if I was to head out straight from work and my hair needed a little touch up.

So there you have it those are the products I really need to start working through instead of going out and buying new items. Would you like to see me do a brand focus on any hair items? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon

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