Halestorm Vicious

Halestorm have been going since 1997 (I was only 3 when they started) but if you ask anyone around here that I know they will ask who I am on about. Me and Liam were lucky enough to go see them back in 2015 and it was suck an amazing show. Lzzy's voice is absolutely amazing and their songs are just ones I will never get enough of.

Last month they released their 4th studio album Vicious and thanks to going out in Liams car I am hooked, it is really all we are listening to whilst driving around. When listening to this album you can see what each member of the band brings to the table with the catchy lyrics and catchy beats. When I first came across Halestorm all those years ago I have to admit I thought they would be a little too heavy for me but they are perfect and actually got me into that type of music again. The Vicious album to me really sounds like something, one of my all time favourites Joan Jett would sing. So off the album here are some of my favourite songs

Vicious is definitely one of my favourites, in fact for the past week I have actually woke up with the line 'what doesn't kill me makes me vicious' stuck in my head. This song was also featured on the WWE Mae Young classics competitors parade. WHat can be better than one of my favourite bands on one of my favourite sports competitions.

Uncomfortable is one of the biggest songs that gives me that Joan Jett vibe but I really don't why. 'I did it 'cause I'm drunk and I did yea so what 'cause baby I'm just one of the boys', I think this song is one of my favourites becuase it just shows Lzzy doesn't really give a damn, just like I wish I didn't 
. That is another thing I love about Halestorm, they sing about thinks other bands may try to avoid. 

My final favourite is Do not disturb, yet another example of how they won't shy away from the topics they sing about 'let's see if blondes or brunettes have more fun' and 'if I were you I'll bring your girlfriend too, 2 is better than 1, 3 is better than 2' , how many artists would actually sing lines like this or would they shy away. So far this song is my most played from the album and I can't see that changing anytime soon.  

After listening to the album a lot I have told Liam this is definitely my favourite album of theirs so far, granted none of the albums are bad, in fact they are all brilliant, but this one just gets stuck in my head a little more than the others. I am just gutted we missed out on tickets to go see them again this year as I really wanted to go. One day I hope to actually meet the band especially Lzzy as she is one of my all the favourites and again I can't see it changing any time soon. If you get the chance I would highly recommend checking out Vicious along with the rest of Halestorms discography if you haven't already.

Keep your eyes out on the blog as this won't be the last time Halestorm are on here.

See you soon

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