Fashion Inspo : Hayley Kiyoko

Following on from previous fashion inspo posts I now have one of my favourite musicians, Hayley Kiyoko. I first fell in love with Hayley when I saw her playing Stevie in Wizards of Waverly Place, and then Stella in Lemonade Mouth, which to this day still remains one of my favourite films. Hayley's album Expectations is one of my favourites to and I just can't get enough. Not only is she a brilliant actress and musician but she is also has a brilliant and pretty unique fashion sense. Here are just a few of Hayley's looks that I absolutely love...

I love that Hayley's style is not too masculine and definitely not to feminine, yet she will explore the bold prints and colours. I love how she pairs a really bold pink shirt with some lighter pink printed pants, the best part is that these are rolled up with pink printed socks on show along with blue trainers. I really wish I was more daring to try pull something like this off. 

I love the cargo types of pants Hayley wears as they are baggy and she always teams them up with a great pair of shoes or trainers. She also teams them up with brilliant tops such as this black hoodie and biker jacket/vest. I used to love wearing my hoodie with a leather jacket over but since I gained weight I still need to buy a new leather jacket. the combo just works so well and if you have a printed hoodie it just makes it stand out a little more.

The final outfit on here is definitely my favourite of them all. I love the double denim look and I wish I had the confidence to pull it off. With the jeans rolled up and socks on show it beaks it down a little and I love how the bold red trainers just seem to make the outfit pop, especially as they match up with the edging on the white Dodgers top. 

Hayley's style is definitely something I love to keep an eye on as it always amazes me. I also like to keep track to see if there are any I could carry over to my own wardrobe. Hayley is someone you will be seeing on the blog quite a bit in the future so if you love Hayley like I do keep an eye out on the blog.

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