Autumn / Winter Wish List

The weather has definitely taken a turn lately, I have gone from lounging around in my shorts and a t-shirt to being wrapped up in my thick pyjamas and dressing gown under plenty of blankets. The best part about this is that I can now start planning adding new items into my wardrobe to accommodate this change. I started planning ahead a little bit whilst the sales have been on where I picked up quite a few hoodies and some joggers but I definitely want to add quite a few more pieces as I can't just live in the same 3 hoodies. So here is what I have found that I really want to pick up and add to the wardrobe.

Fila Foster Sweatshirt £45

I usually just throw on a plain t-shirt and checked shirt in the colder weather however, this year I want to try stay clear of this and try out different clothing. So I am wanting to add in a few sweatshirts for a change, these can work well with a nice jacket or on there own if it isn't too cold. On a few recent shopping trips I have fallen in love with this Fila top so I think this is a definite pick up if it fits me. It will also be used as a treat if I get to my goal weight for my birthday.

Calvin Klein Lounge Pants £16.99

I don't know how some people can sit around the house all the time in jeans, as soon as I am home I am either into my pyjamas or a pair of shorts & a t-shirt. With the weather changing I am wanting to swap those shorts for some comfy lounge pants, which is exactly what I recently found in TK Maxx. These Calvin Klein ones would be perfect for me and I would then just have to find a nice comfy long sleeve top or jumper to go with them for those nights in.

Mennace Joggers £11.00 in sale

I recently picked up a pair of Mennace joggers from TK Maxx and have instantly fallen in love with them, so I am hoping to pick up quite a few more pairs whilst their sale is on. This pair would also be perfect as it is a very close match to my new Mennace jacket.

 Vans Long Sleeve £35

I got a long sleeved vans top years ago and somehow it still fits, it has been one of my go to pieces when the weather changes over the years and I think it still will be this year. But I do want to treat myself to another as they obviously last, are great quality and are super comfy.

Air Force 1 £80

These Nike Air Force 1 trainers have been my go to for years now, they are so comfortable and my current pair have lasted 2 years of more or less constant use. They are now looking very worn and the backs are starting to wear down. I think that in time for the weather changing it is time to invest in a new pair. These are definitely worth every penny and with them being all leather are super easy to clean and also perfect for in the rain.

Crep Protect Rain & Stain Spray £9.99

Whilst on the topic of shoes, this Crep Protect spray is something I definitely need to get a hold of. I own a lot of suede and canvas shoes so when the weather changes I won't wear them out of fear of them getting ruined, this spray is meant to help protect them from any water damage and is also meant to stop them staining. When I pick this up I will probably test is out on a few cheaper pairs first to keep it on the safe side but I am sure after how much I have read about it all my shoes will be fine.

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to add to my wardrobe over the next few months, and hopefully I will be kept nice and warm whilst still looking like I made an effort.

See you soon,

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