Brands I Want To Try

Social media is one of my favourite places to look for new clothing brands, over the past few months I have discovered some really great stores which I will hopefully trying out soon. My style is something I am trying to discover more of lately and I am trying to add new items into my wardrobe. Here are a few of the brands I am hoping to try out in the near future...

Alphalab Apparel are one of the brands I have discovered through Instagram. They are a Manchester based urban streetwear company. After plenty of looks through their site I am really hoping to pick up a couple of t-shirts especially the script one at just £22, I want to try get a pair of joggers to team up with the tee as it should make a great combination. With the items been resonably priced I am hoping they are a good quality too but I need to place an order to see for myself.

Lunar apparel are another Instagram discovery. A shark hoodie for £20.00 yes please, they also have some really nice designs for t-shirts which are anywhere between £12 and £25. I actually fell in love with them due to the shorts they do at £15.00 they are tattoo sort of design and look super comfy and like you could pair them with a nice plain t-shirt. Their clothing really does seem unique and is very pop punk which is a style I have always secretly loved. The clothing is also unisex which is perfect for me, now I just need to decide what items I want the most.

Sketch are an alternative unisex brand which again I found on instagram. The prices really shocked me with this brand as you can get t-shirts for just £12.50 and sweatshirts for £15 obviously I would need to try the clothing to see what the quality is like but they simplistic designs just really stand out to me. Again there are too many items for me to decide between but I will definitely be heading over and placing an order soon.

 I don't actually remember how I discovered Forty clothing however I instantly fell in love with the Glasgow based company. This is on the more pricey side with a sweatshirt setting you back £80 and a t-shirt costing £40 but to me they look like something a high end designer would bring out. Again I would need to try it to comment on whether the quality was reflected in the price but the bold designs have really grabbed me and I need to add some of the items to my wardrobe. If I can I want to try out a hoodie and tee to start with along with a phone case.
Finally we have Mennace, I don't remember how I first discovered them, it could have been through Gallucks but I actually found a few of their piece in TK Maxx and I really regret not picking the items up. After having a look through the site I was shocked to see how reasonably priced the items actually were and after seeing the quality in TK Maxx I now know I need to pick some of these items up. I have fallen in love with some of the tees on the site and the track tops however, it is the track pants I really want to give a go as they look fantastic and look like they could be really dressed up. Their printed belt is also on a pick up list. 

Make sure to keep an eye on the blog as I will be sure to show how I style any items from these brands as well as reviewing them.

See you soon,

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