Johnny's Chop Shop Max Up Volume Mousse

I used to stick to the basics with my hair a little bit of clay/wax topped off with a bit of hairspray. But then I realised I really needed to add some volume into my style so my hair didn't look like it was just brushed back and stuck to my head. So I headed off to Boots to see what I could find to give a try, that is when I came across this Johnny's Chop Shop Max Up Volume Mousse it cost me just £5 which I was surprised at as I thought for a product like this I would have to pay a lot more. So here is what I think of the product...

Packaging wise I love how it uses the old barber shop style on the can and the pump means it is easy to get the product out with very little mess. It is also a pretty small can so doesn't take up much room and is easy to transport around for those weekends away. The pump is also still working which is great as some other products I have used such as hairspray, have actually broken off meaning the product was no longer any good.

The foam itself didn't actually seem to have a scent but I have noticed after using it my hair has a better smell to it than when I have just used a clay or wax. I have to have my hair smelling good as well as looking good so this mousse ticks all the boxes.

Texture & application
You need a golf ball sized amount of this to create any effect, I thought this meant the product wouldn't last very long but it is lasting me ages. It comes out as a bit of an  expanding foam and you just run this through your towel dried hair then style. I was worried at first it may leave my hair a little tacky but when using the correct amount it definitely doesn't. It is also super easy to work through my hair and can be done in just 2 minutes.

Hold / Effect
 It says to use a hairdryer to add more volume for your desired style but even without using one it works well. Half the time I can't be bothered getting the hairdryer out so I just work it through my hair and brush into my preferred style. Even doing it this way the hold can last me all day and my hair doesn't look flat. It really has made a difference to my hair and I love how big it looks when I have used this product. I even get quite a few compliments when I have used this.

This product is absolutely brilliant for its £5 price tag and I will definitely be buying more when I run out. It is even better as it can be found on Boots 3 for 2 offers. If you are looking for an item to give your hair an extra boost then I would highly recommend using this. 

See you soon

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