The goals I have set myself for September


Yesterday's post was all about my August goals and it is safe to say that was a mixed bag of goals being completed or totally neglected (if you haven't read that post yet you can read it by clicking here). I am really hoping for a much better September although I know it is going to be a very busy month as it is my birthday, my football season starts and I have a lot of content I am currently working on especially for my women's football website. It might be a much busier month but I am hoping that by planning things out a bit more I am going to be able to be productive and get ahead of myself even if life gets busy which it looks like it is going to. September is a month of resetting for me especially as I grow another year older so lets hope that all the resetting leads to plenty of goals being marked off as complete. So here are my goals for my birthday month...


No buying new clothes

I might end up with a few new pieces for my birthday however, I am not actively going to be going out purchasing items for myself. As I mentioned in yesterday's post my wardrobe is getting out of control so the plan is to stop adding to it until it's size has been massively reduced. Plus I am hoping for some big weight loss in the upcoming months so there is no point spending a fortune on new clothes if they aren't going to fit for long is there. I am really hoping I can stick to this and stop those impulse purchases.

Buy new trainers to replace my Air Force

The Air Force are definitely out of favour at the moment and I am trying to wear more of the sneakers I already own. This is all well and good but it also means I have a lack of plain white sneakers so I could do with rectifying that as soon as possible as white sneakers work so well with the outfits I piece together. My style is starting to shift though so I am hoping to find a nice smarter looking pair for the change of the season.

Declutter the wardrobe 

Right now this is the big job for the month and it is going to be number 1 priority. I am now sick of putting this job off as it really needs doing plus for months now I have had it on my goals list but not really bothered with it. This is hopefully going to be it's final appearance and I will fingers crossed be reporting back at the end of September saying this is complete once and for all. I just need to remember that once it is done it wont need doing again for a long time so why not get it out of the way.

Plan weekly outfits and stick to them

I saw this brilliant idea over on Kicks4fresh Instagram account and it looks like it has been really beneficial for her and getting an easy start to her day so I am going to try utilize the idea for my own use. I will use Sunday's to get my outfits lined up to suit each day's activities and stick to them as the week progresses. This will hopefully take the guess work out of my mornings and ensure I can get my day off to a good, quick start rather than spending half an hour looking through my wardrobe each morning. It might also help me rotate my clothing too rather than wearing the same thing every day.

Plan my Autumn wardrobe

My Autumn wardrobe last year definitely wasn't my favourite so I am wanting to make plenty of changes to it this year. I don't want to waste money either so the plan is to sit down and map out my perfect Autumn wardrobe that fits my ever changing style but also saves me money due to the fact I might only get one season out of the new items if my weight loss goes to plan. I am definitely looking forward to sitting down and seeing what I can find for the new season to help elevate my outfits. Once I have a plan in mind a whole Autumn wish list post will be on its way onto the blog so keep an eye out for that.


Save half of any birthday money I receive

I am apparently pretty difficult to buy for when it comes to my birthday so some family members settle on money as the gifts so I can treat myself when out and about. I really want to add some more money to my goal shop fund this month though so I am hoping that I can try save at least half of any money I receive, if I can save more than that though even better as it will mean getting closer to the target amount in the goal shop wallet with a lot of time left before I go on that shopping trip. To be honest I might as well save the money rather than waste it like I have done with my own money recently.

Make 5 sales from my new project

I will post more about my little project over on social media when it launches but for now all I can say is I am really excited to launch and I have plenty of plans in place to maximize the potential over the coming years for now though the aim is to sell 5 products in my first month. If I can make 5 sales it will set me off to a good start and hopefully the use of social media & word of mouth will help me grow over the course of the year and in the future. I am so excited to see how things so with this as there is definitely potential for it to grow.

Stick to a skincare routine

I started my skincare routine when I was away but slipped off it a bit once I got home. Whilst sticking to a routine on holiday though I noticed my skin was loads better than previously so I want to bring this routine back daily in the hopes of saving my skin from these constant breakouts. The aim is to get the products out where they are easy to access in the hopes of me using them more often and also getting up a bit earlier to set aside some time to do a skincare routine without rushing. This will also hopefully help the habit form for the future too.

Complete two jobs off my home to do list

The jobs I wanted to get done this year so far really haven't gone to plan so I am hoping that in September I can get at least two jobs ticked off as complete from this list. There is plenty for me to pick from and they are all different in lengths of time they are likely to take me to complete so maybe the best option will be to pick one big job and one smaller job. Keep an eye on social media to see which ones I decided to do in September and if I actually get them done or not, fingers crossed they are done and off the to do list for a very long time. 

10 no spend days

 Another goal that was on last months list that never gone done but again that was down to a lack of planning and the holiday in the middle of the month. I am determined to have 10 no spend days throughout September if not more. I think if I plan this properly I think I could easily do the 10 days but I need to make sure I do plan this rather than hoping for the best like last time around.


Go boxing 4 times

There are 4 Wednesday's in the month of September and I am more determined to be at every single boxing session throughout the month. I haven't been boxing in ages and to be honest I am really missing it so I am hoping that by going every week in September I get back into the habit of going at every possible chance as I know these sessions are great for me mentally and physically plus they might help me get back to the regular weight loss.

Football training every Monday

Finally football training is back on a day that I can definitely make, I haven't been able to go much this off season as it was on a day where I already had something on so I am really glad we are back to the old Monday nights where I know I can attend weekly unless I get injured in a game the day before. Being back training is going to be super helpful and I am looking forward to the season starting up.

Lose 4lbs

I only managed to lose 1lb last month so fingers crossed with the mix of football and boxing I will be able to really improve upon this. I need to start getting the nutrition side of things sorted out too as that is also a bit of a downfall area for me too. No point doing all the hard work in the exercise if I am going to sit and eat junk between sessions. I am interested to see how this one plays out as 1lb a week should be more than doable.

Sort workout clothes

My lack of organisation is often a reason why I miss workouts, if I can't find my clothes I can't be bothered and opt to do something else instead. My workout clothing draw is an absolute mess at the moment and I want to change that. I am hoping that at some point in September I can sit down and really clear out my workout clothes and only keep things that fit me and feel comfortable. Maybe then I will get working out more often again.

Sort out the football box

I really wanted to get this done before the new season started however, that didn't go to plan at all. The football box is simply a little box where I keep everything I need for game days and training sessions. This includes little accessories, compression wear and kit so with the season starting this month I definitely need to get my act together and get this organised to reduce the time messing around on a game day or training night.


Post across all Instagram accounts 20 times

Oh look it is another goal that has moved across from August but this time around I am determined to smash it. I have far too many Instagram accounts but I am 100% going to push to post to all of them at least 20 times across the course of September, I am hoping that with at least 1 of them I can post daily but I guess only time will tell if I can manage that task or not. Let's hope for a great month posting wise and hopefully some growth in the long run as that has certainly been a struggle lately. 

Post more frequently on Facebook accounts

Facebook is a platform I have neglected for far too long now so I am hoping that in September I can really get into the habit of posting on there and expanding the audience of all my websites rather than relying on Instagram. There is a plan in place for this to happen and I am looking forward to seeing if I can stick to it. It could be a platform to have a big of fun on.

Sort the tech bag out

The tech bag was half organised last month but this month I want to get this done properly so everything has a home, wires are in the right place and so that there is less chance of items going missing. I know that once this is done it is really going to help me out as it will mean I can find stuff easily rather than having to spend half an hour before creating content looking for the right lead or the memory card that has magically disappeared.

Make 3 new template designs

I am really wanting to make my social media flow a lot more on specific accounts so the aim for September is to create some new template designs for specific accounts so that they follow a bit of a theme. I am bringing the gaming site back in September so I want to make a general post and story template for this site and also one announcing when new blog posts have gone live. This shouldn't be a huge task but I am looking forward to seeing the result.

Resign TNG Media

With me launching the products for my project through TNG Media I have had a look at the account and I have decided I want to change things around a bit which is going to mean resigning templates, the logo and content in general so that it looks more professional and a bit smarter ready for the launch. Let's hope I managed to get this done as it will certainly level up that account.

So there we have it those are the goals that I have set myself for the month of September, I think it is safe to say that if I get these goals done I will have had a very productive month so let's see how it plays out. 

Have you set any goals for September?

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