My autumn 2023 wish list


The 'ber months are here and I am so glad as I have definitely realised that Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love layering up and getting cosy in the autumn months and it is safe to say this year is going to be no different. My style is evolving a little bit at the moment though so I am looking forward to seeing what this autumn holds for me in terms of the outfits I end up piecing together as it could be a bit different to previous years. As my style is evolving I want to add a few new pieces into my autumn wardrobe to make it as practical as possible, so here are the items I would love to pick up...


Clothing wise there are quite a few items I want to incorporate into my wardrobe for autumn however, a fair few of these items will do me for winter too which is certainly an added bonus as I try to make my clothing last as long as possible these days. There is a nice mixture of clothing I would like to pick up to cover all occasions so here are the items that have made my autumn clothing wish list...

Plain t-shirts

A plain black, white and grey t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe so I want to pick up a few more in different fits to see me through the season. Plain t-shirts are certainly one of my most worn items especially in autumn as I use them as a base layer when layering outfits as they look great under a checked shirt or come in handy under a hoodie. No doubt I will end up picking a fair few of these up from M&S to get me through the autumn weather as I have found their t-shirts definitely fit me better than anywhere else. I will probably pick up a few long sleeved plain t-shirts from Primark too just for an added bit of warmth as the temperature drops as the season progresses.

Band t-shirt

I seem to be getting right into band t-shirts at the moment and I honestly think this is due to Primark selling some brilliant ones at the moment. This autumn I really want to add more band t-shirts into my collection though as I think they would work perfectly for the style I am going for throughout the season. They would look great with my Dr Martens but would look even better under an open checked shirt.

Checked shirts

On the topic of checked shirts I actually have a few different coloured checked shirts on the wish list this time around. I have the trusty old red & black one on the list seen as the dog ate my last one so it needs replacing and I also want one with a brown undertone as I think one in that colourway would look good with some of the outfits I have in mind for the season. No doubt I will end up buying more than the two in mind though as we all know I am a sucker for a checked shirt.

Plain hoodies

Whilst looking through what I have in my wardrobe already I have noticed that I have a serious lack of plain hoodies as the majority of mine have silly prints right across them. As I am opting for a bit of a smarter style now and am moving away from prints I really want to add some nice fitting plain hoodies into my wardrobe that will be perfect for layering or wearing alone. The plan is to pick one up in each of these colours, black, grey and navy. Once I have got those colours I should be set but we might add a few more in if needs be. 

Dog walking coat

I never thought I would ever need a dog walking coat but here we are in 2023 surprising ourselves by getting a dog. This had led to me spending a lot more time outdoors and I honestly can't complain as it is giving me a whole new lease of life. It is also showing me some big gaps in my wardrobe I need to fill though and one item I really need is a coat that is suitable for those cold rainy dog walks. I don't have any waterproof coats at the moment so I am on the hunt for something that looks nice but is also very practical. 

Grey Jeans

I said early summer that one of the number one items I wanted to purchase for autumn some nice grey jeans as the only jeans that fit me at the moment are black or a very light blue colour. I haven't had a nice fitting pair of grey jeans for a long time now so it is about time I change that. I won't be spending a fortune on a pair as I am hoping they won't fit me for too long however, I do have my eyes on a nice pair in Primark that are budget friendly and would go with planned outfits really well.

Ripped Jeans

My wardrobe is also lacking a pair of ripped jeans as my old pairs don't fit me anymore. Again these are going to be purchased on a budget so no doubt will come from Primark. I am thinking a nice black pair to go with my band t-shirts and Dr Martens but I guess I will just have to wait and see for the next shopping trip to see what pairs jump out at me. Who knows in the end I might find a nice grey pair of ripped jeans too if Primark have any that catch my eye.

Black Jeans

My current selection of black jeans has gone down hill as they either don't fit right or they are that old the colour has started to fade. There is a definite need to upgrade my jeans this autumn and I am very tempted to pick up a few pairs of black jeans this time around as I do wear them very frequently and I know that different styles will suit different outfits perfectly so they wont just be sat in a drawer.


I don't really know why but I have had it in my mind for a while that I really want a pair of corduroy trousers. After having a look around for a while I have found a pair I really like from Marks & Spencer so this autumn I am going to treat myself. These will help me create the perfect autumn outfit especially with the footwear I am planning on wearing throughout the season.


Footwear is a bit of an issue at the moment as the majority of footwear I own isn't too suitable for the autumn weather, plus with some of the outfits I have in mind for the season I know I would be better suited with a few new pairs, plus I could do with some better footwear for dog walks too as that is definitely an area I am lacking in as I never expected to need dog walking shoes. So here is the footwear I would love to pick up this autumn...

Walking boots 

I am getting into the great outdoors a whole lot more now and my wardrobe doesn't replicate that especially when it comes to my footwear. That is why walking boots are now top of my wish list so that I am well covered on the cold dark autumn months whilst walking the dog or just going out exploring. I have seen a few pairs that are on the budget friendly side so who knows I might end up treating myself to a pair so I am a bit more prepared.

Vans Old Skool Hi 

For so long a nice pair of black Vans Old Skool Hi's have been on my wish list and I think now is the time I finally treated myself to a pair. With how my style is changing a pair of these would be perfect for with those casual looks involving jeans, cords or even chinos which are still going to be worn. A nice simple black and white pair will come in really handy so lets see if I finally get a pair and create some great looks with them this autumn.

Low Converse

A bit like with the Vans a pair of low Converse has been on the wish list for a long time now and I have just been putting it off for so long, there has always been an excuse for not purchasing them but it is about time I stopped with the excuses. I am planning on picking up these in black as I know they will be more suited to the season and also go with more of the outfits I have in mind. 

There you have it those are the items that are on my 2023 autumn wish list, lets hope I can get my hands on quite a few of these items as they will come in very handy for the the colder weather. It really is time to get prepared for being outdoors more often too as I am not ready for those colder dog walks. 

What would you pick up from this list first?

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